Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ah.......Internet in the Motor home! YES!

Yesterday was the BIG day...we ordered Century Link and they delivered us a WIFI modem & our reception is good!  Yippee!

Now we can blog, skype and I can do some writing.  We are "catching up" on things and look forward to connecting with you!

 McKenna enjoying time with the family for this Christmas/New Year week!
 The Chef is busy again fixing a good meal...steak & shrimp with mashed potatoes and broccoli...and sauteed onions with mushrooms!

Good job Nick...everything was finished & enjoyed!

 Nicky had a A&W restaurant in Anacortes WA and he added many items to the menu!  It did very well & was successful! 

Great keepsake - the menu...just look at those prices! 

 Jasmine, Nicholaas & sis McKenna enjoying special time on the couch!  Cute picture!
          "Say Cheese!"

More sunset shots LOOK AT THAT SKY!

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  1. Thanks for update! So can you get Century Link on the road? Come in on satellite or? Let me know. Talk soon.