Saturday, December 6, 2014

Continuing our Trip south to the Los Angeles Area ~

Yes today, Saturday, we left Pismo Beach area and headed south to the Los Angeles area to go visit family there! 

Pasadena & Venice and Lake Forest - San Clemente too we have friends to visit!

It was such a lovely day - Sunny and warm, blue skies- terrific!

 ......157 miles to go!  (Nick we need to clean those windows!)

It was time for me to get behind the steering wheel!  Yes to give Nick a break! went well...just have to realize that we have something behind us....a car!
 Yep ....the "girl" is's official...she's an .....
RV driver - finally!
 It is such a nice drive...sitting up so high overlooking the road!  We are so' pleased to have done this!
We are both very very thankful!

 Pretty sights along the highway...and beautiful weather! 

All along the coast line people can park their trailer, motor homes or campers!  That makes it so nice -that is pretty neat here in CA - many people travel at this time of the year...but the weather is so mild here in southern California!!!

 To see those BIG Motor homes behind us...Nick took a picture out the back window!
That is ONE BIG Mama following behind us!

 Turning off of Hwy 101 we headed west on Hwy 27 to the coast - down into the Canyon - pretty!

There's the sign Nick.....

 Malibu California - RV Park 

Wow...nice park!

 Pretty view....look at that beautiful....Pacific Ocean!

4:45 pm...Sundown - Just in time!  It was a good drive but we are glad to be here!


                        These little Airstream is so cute! 
Time to fix dinner...a salad..yes...and some sausage with some cauliflower...sounds good!  How about a glass of Gewurtztraminer? (Meg where are you???)

 Sounds good too!

All right...time to relax!

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