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CA - Heading to Carmel to Meet up with Dave & Meg!

Nick & headed out of Modesto Friday morning in the fog...driving west through the well familiar agriculture valley of Central California where we had both lived for some years!  Before moving to Oregon 14 years ago!
Amazing how far that water from the reservoirs go!

The "Mendota Canal" that runs all the way south to the Los Angeles area brings water to the LA area...what a distance!

The plan was to meet up with my girlfriend Meg & husband Dave in Carmel...a darling town on the coast!

 We passed the Santa Nella Truck stop which was close to my heart - this is where my older brother Johnny met his wife while he was a truck driver!  Johnny is buried near by in Newman - died at a age pf sudden and so young!

We traveled out of the valley and over the Mountains into the coastal towns - seeing rows of eucalyptus groves on the highway - somehow the coast of California has many of these trees and actually also redwoods!

As we entered into Monterey area we drove south again to Carmel and found the turn off Carmel Valley Road...down and around we went to the RV park... and there it was..."Carmel by the River RV Park......

 ...and there they were...."Hi Meggie & Dave!  How GREAT it is to see you! And what a neat place to meet!!"

I have known Meg & Dave as long as they have been married....27 years!  And today is their Anniversary!  Nick & I also have an anniversary - 18 years we are celebrating it together with Meg & Dave and that is naturally the right thing to do...right?!!!  My Birthday's on the 24th and yes my girlfriend celebrates hers on the 28th!  Girlfriends....

and we are "two peas in a pod"as the saying goes!

So really neat to be together this weekend...and then in this very special place...Carmel CA!  What fun!  Meg & Dave have a really cute trailer called a R-Pod - it is darling!  Has everything you need! 

So they came with their "E-pod" they called it that because it is their Escape-Pod!  Cute!

A very nice clubhouse with bathrooms & showers & a small store!
We stayed in the same park .... Carmel by the River RV Park 

The park was nicely tucked away at the foothills of Carmel!  

So amazing to see all those LARGE motor homes all around us!
Girlfriends - 27 years!!!!!!

We enjoyed a Saturday afternoon outing..walking the darling streets of Ocean Avenue - very well known!

Carmel is gorgeous on the California coast! Carmel By the Sea (click on this Link!)
There is a drive that many people take which is called the "17 Mile Drive" along a ridge on the ocean seeing the well-known Pebble Beach Golf Community and the homes built along this drive....BIG luxuries homes!  Mansions!

A Beautiful Drive ~ 17 Mile Drive

We strolled along the shops as the evening came upon us...all the little lights on in the was so pretty! People strolling along the shops...America celebrates our special holiday - Thanksgiving and many try to take a 4-day weekend holiday!  It was very busy in Carmel - lots of people out & about! Meg wanted to take us to the Plaza..a cute 2 story shopping area with many types of stores - all  decorated for Christmas with Christmas trees and pretty little lights in was so festive!
 Lots of "goodies" in the window....."dangerous" says Meg! 


Carmel- Ocean Avenue is a popular and 
well known place to come to!


"I left my Heart in San Francisco" as the song goes!   

Somebody did a very good job painting this scene!

 Snow on a pretty picture... BUT no SNOW in Carmel!

We came to this store that had very unique light fixtures...looked like "jelly fish" pretty and very colorful!

Ah....Indonesia...always so many special memories!!!!!

 Jelly Fish - right?                  Cute Shop!

While Meg & I nosed around a bit admiring the decorations and shops....the guys chatted!

 "Hey you down there....we are coming soon!!!"

  We then decided it was time for dinner...yes...we were going to celebrate our Anniversary with a nice dinner at the Village Corner!  They said it was "the place" to eat..and we could sit outside by the fire pit and the overhead heaters...a cute atmosphere and ambiance!
(Dave calls it "ambulance"- funny guy!)  What fun to enjoy dinner together...after 16 months of being far away!  We felt blessed to be together again!
Their pup "Holly" goes everywhere they go!  She is so' good!
"Happy Anniversary to Us!
Dinner was yummy! Chicken Piccata was really good with a nice salad! 

Right across the street was another restaurant called  Previously Owned by Clint Eastwood "Hog's Breath"Yes 

We then went back to the RV park and took some pictures in front of Dave & Meg's R-Pod.Meg had made it so cute - with white lights strung from the trailer to the trees...she always gives everything a "special Meggie Touch!"
Happy 27th Anniversary Dave & Meg!!!

..We enjoyed sitting cozy inside chatting and having a glass of Gewurztraminer -which happens to be our favorite wine ever!

It was a lovely day and we get to do this all over again on tomorrow!  Yeah!!!!!

Saturday morning - we moved "the Whale" to another spot but before we did...Dave knocked at the door and came in for some coffee...and then Meggie too came over with little Holly ...and we just enjoyed coffee & chai tea and with the rain coming down so we cozied up and talking & listening to some nice music...and yes chatted some more!

Holly to likes to drive!!!!  CUTE!!!!
The "girls" went off for an "errand" for a while...and Nick & Dave stayed in their rigs and took a nap!  Meg & I always have enough fun just hangin' out...we went to Trader Joe's and then went to a Consignment store and that we both LOVE to do!  She found some Brazilian black Leather boots & I found a really cute dark brown western corduroy jacket!  Success!  With lots of fun & laughs - we girls had a little "girlfriend time"!!!!  Oh yeah!!!

Meg is quite a photographer- whenever we are together she takes such good pictures telling us how to stand or sit...Nick & I get kind of shy taking all those pictures BUT what nice memories she makes for us on our 18th Anniversary!

Thank you sweet Meg for doing that..I can only do that with you!

We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship with our friends ~ and hope to do this again next Spring when we come together...YES! another rendezvous!
Dave & Meggie....thank you for a lovely time dear friends....we love you!

There we are under the BIG tree!

 Preparing to head out ~

 Last moments together with the girlfriend!!!
 Holly is settled in her comfortable "bed" right next to Meg!

Cute Holly - see you in Spring!!!!!

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