Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Enjoying Time with Alan & Vonna in Pismo Beach!

Driving to Pismo Beach was about 3 hours from Carmel...and we made contact with our friends there Ruud & Sylvia....Indo's! We came through some years back and wanted to come by and say hello again! Their daughter & son-in-law are members of the Dutch Club in Bend. 

This is their 5th Wheel & Truck
The American flag & Peace flag is up!
We also connected by phone with Alan & Vonna our friends - and they are "Camp Hosts" at the Pismo State Park Campground!  They had a parking spot for us - so went ahead to park our motor home first before going to Ruud & Sylvia! 

There is Vonnaso good to see them! Yes we had visited shortly before heading to Indonesia - and so again, it was great to see them!  We too have been friends for such a long time! 

We have a spot right next to them!  Nice!

 We strolled down to the Beach!  Wow so pretty out there...soft sand - no rocks or shells - just soft sand!  The ATV's can be rented there...and lots of people enjoy that!

 The weather was mild and we stood there on the beach seeing the beauty of the California coast line!

People can drive their cars and trailers right onto the beach and they do!   They can camp there overnight too!

 There in the distance many many miles going west is Indonesia.....Hello Dear Friends!  We send you our love!!!! We miss you all!!!!

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