Thursday, December 11, 2014

California to Arizona

 We woke up and started our day with a good walk on the beach!  Today we would be sitting in the motor home for quite a while crossing California to a good walk would do us well!

241 miles to go!

We packed things and off we went at 11 am!

Good-bye California has been wonderful!  The weather here is great ~

 They are expecting some rain in the days to come and a big storm to come through too!
 We saw some dark clouds we headed south to San Diego...on Highway 5. 

The Sun did come out...the further we traveled south~ 
 Then we turned east on Highway 805 and then to Highway 8 -

 The scenery changed from green to desert...

 As we climbed into some altitude...2000 to 3000 to 4000 feet it became very barren!  Wow...look at all the rock....!
 Big Boulders..stacked on top of each other!
 ...and LOOK at that rock...just sitting there on top?!!!

 Then we dropped down again to a lower elevation...

Nick took a break with the "co-pilot" took over! 

When those BIG trucks pass us first pushes the RV to the right..and then sucks it to the the truck passes by...hold onto that steering wheel!
 ...and then we came through sand dunes....lots of them!  And many "Four-Wheelers" were out there enjoying those dunes!  

We were traveling along the border of Mexico on this stretch...and we saw border patrols.
 At 4:15 pm we drove into Yuma Arizona....perfect timing!  We found out it was actually 5:14 pm Mountain we were glad to come to our destination! We followed a sign directing us to a RV park and entered into the first one we came to...5 miles out!  Turned in and decided to stay for tonight!
It seems like a very nice park...and there was 483 spots available...Can you believe it?  Yes...that is a whole lot of RV! 

 Yuma Arizona ~ Del Pueblo RV Park 

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