Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Arizona - From Yuma to Gila Bend and then to Casa Grande

We headed out from Yuma west on Hwy 8 to Gila Bend and then on to Casa Grande.  The plan is to head north to Nicky & family!

We enjoyed a stop over at the
 a rest stop and saw this king size Saguaro cactus!  Look how tall that one is!!!!
Saguaro Cactus

After a lunch break at the rest stop we continued on the freeway and came to a sign that seemed interesting.....
"Hey Nick...let's turn off and go see this OK?"

So we did...and drove 11 miles towards the mountain area ~
 We passed this LARGE Solar Water spread out for miles it seemed!
 We came to the park and it was also a State Campground...and for $4.00 a night with Nick's Senior Golden Eagle card discount we had it good for the night!  It was "dry" parking which is fine...(no electricity or water)

We filled out a card and put the money into the envelope and found a parking spot - there was plenty!
 Nick & I took a walk to see the rocks and also went around the park!
 We were interested to read about the rocks and the Indians that had lived here in the past!

The Hohokam Indians...that lived many years in this area...around 1350 actually!

Interesting Facts about the Hohokam 

Neat to see the etchings on he rocks!

 As we walked around the State park enjoying the ruggedness and the beauty of the desert...we came across a really "different" kind of camper/trailer!!!
We saw the couple sitting at the picnic table and found out they were from France! Christian & Sylvie have been in North America already 18 months!
They had purchased this truck - Italian/German made and had changes made to adapt it to all kinds of terrain, they said!  The truck was shipped from Le Harve France (west coast) and it went to Nova Scotia Canada and drove through Canada to Alaska and then into the US - My! 

 It was an amazing truck to see IVECO "the EuroCargo" and we were impressed!  It had solar on top, a shower & toilet, a washing machine (compact) and kitchen, bunk and nook area...very compact but still everything one needs!
Watch this Video Clip some made of it on YouTube!

It was kind of Sylvie to show it to me...I was pretty nosy! ha!

Their Road Trip - Wonderful Pictures!
They gave us their card...and we gave them ours!
Chris & Sylvie have kept a photo gallery of their trip these 18 months!  Click on the link above and enjoy! 
Had to take a picture of our new friends!
They had the "Dutch" wash clothes hanging on the clothes line!
Yes two big tires on the back too!  They were ready for all kind of challenges!  Way Cool!

Lots of fun to talk to and we wished them well on their travels! 
As the Sun went down we enjoyed a game of Scrabble!


Well time to head out we did just that!

Heading to the town of Gila Bend Gila Bend AZ

and then on to Casa Grande!
Casa Grande AZ 

Stopped for some gas along the way...

"Oh my Nick...can you believe the gas prices here in Arizona????"
Hm.....interesting...dinosaurs too!

OK OK...dinosaurs and gas right?
It began to get a little more greener as we headed east...and we saw lots of cactuses out there...and sage pretty!
Beautiful formations of clouds....
Yes...can you see it?
Can you believe it you guys?????

YES! $2.15 for unleaded!!!
We were shocked and blessed at the same time!   Now that is a blessing for us...driving a 10 cylinder motor home!  We are thankful - that is more then a $1,00 less then when we left Oregon!  

We made contact with Nicky & family in Mesa and we are heading that direction this afternoon!  We had some rain (much needed in these parts!) last night but dry again during the day!  We plan to head up today - stopping for sights along the way!  

Enjoying a cup of coffee here at the coffee shop and doing this blog to keep you all updated!  The gal who owns this shop Brownies Ice Cream & Espresso is from Newport OR she says!  They have been here in Casa Grande these past 4 years! She has a adorable shop and we are glad to sit here and have the wifi availability! Brownies! A Very nice place to be in Casa Grande!

Oh yes - Nick was chatting with a gentleman here in the coffee shop and "Steve" graduated from the very high school Nick did in San Francisco back in year earlier then Nick....small world!  Steve has been here already 8 years he said...but also lived in Eugene!  ha!  

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