Thursday, January 1, 2015

From Indonesia New Years Eve to Arizona!...... Why Not?

Can you believe it?  We sure are "trying to take it all in!"  Yes...from an adventure in Asia and spending last years "New Years Eve" in Indonesia and now here in Apache Junction, Arizona... From the tropics to the desert!
Last year....2014....

Yes "Dutch" Beppie & husband Elisha had invited us to their house for New Years Eve...and as you can see the "oliebollen" the Dutch tradition was even there in Salatiga Java! 
 We enjoyed a special evening with our Dutchie friends closing our 2013 and....

....welcoming in the New Year - 2014!

.....and where would we be in 2015......ARIZONA!
Nick & I enjoyed a special New Years Evening with the family: Nicky & Shannon,  McKenna, and Nicholaas & Jasmine!  We played the dice game 10,000 while Mr Chef Nicky made prime rib...a special meal for the holiday!

Nick called his "Mama" and we all wished Renee a Happy New Year too! 
Nicky went around the table asking each of us "what might stand out as a special memory in 2014" so we enjoyed listening to one another's stories!

Then at around 11:30 Nicky got back into the kitchen again and pulled out the family recipe for "oliebollen"....................
.....and they were really good!
"Yes...Good recipe Renee!" 
The champagne was poured.....
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

On New Years Day...we stayed in "the Whale" blogging and Skyping!
Nick did see a really pretty Sunset again...and with the snow that had fallen here in Arizona last evening ......(it was wet snow but nevertheless SNOW!)
 Yes this is not the "norm" for this area!  The "snowbirds" were all shocked!  (Yes that's all the people that come here to get OUT OF THE SNOW ha!)   But no will be 70F this upcoming week!

 Right behind the area we are staying the Superstition Mountain range and the Sun was shining on it with the newly fallen snow on it....Wow...what a beautiful sight it is!

Good job Nico...nice lighting - you got it right on!

January 1, 2015 is here...and we look
forward to the new year ahead!

How about you?  YES!

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