Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meeting with friends from Sisters, San Clemente & family in San Juan Capistrano

This evening we were going to meet up with Jack & Linda from Sisters OR and that would happen here in Oceanside CA on the pier at Ruby's Diner!

How fun that would be!  Linda & I met in a Bible Study class in Bend...and we had both attended the same church in Sisters too!  She & her husband have left Oregon now and moved south back to California...looking for warmer weather!

They will be moving to Indio soon in the desert.  It was lots of fun meeting Linda here and meeting Jack for the first time!  We hit it off...right away!
 We had so much fun talking - I forgot to take a picture of Linda kindly sent me a few!

We met at Ruby's Diner - right at the very end of the long Oceanside pier!  How fun...a retro diner from the 40's!
Ruby's Diner it seems is a chain...oh so cute!  And being at the end of the pier made it even more special!

 We enjoyed the walk and saw the Sun set too!  The surfers were out...and there was a lot of them!

Brrrrrrrrr.......they did have on their wetsuits though!  Surfing in!

Cute huh?  

Jack & Linda will be moving into their new house next month - in the meantime they are close by their son & family here in San Diego and send Christmas together.  
We hope to meet up with them again and see them in Indio in a few months!  Snd see their new house! With all the emailing & texting we finally did meet...yeah...Linda!

We stayed on another day here in San Clemente and we were glad we did because we had also tried to see if we could meet Peter & Joke de Viso - before heading to Aizona.  We had left a message a few days ago and Lo & Behold.."the call" came from Joke!  
So today we met them at another pier...this time the San Clemente pier and had a very nice time with them!  They came with their daughter Serena!
It was lovely to meet them:  Peter was 18 years when he came alone to the US from Holland.  He is a Indo! Peter came to the very boarding house in San Francisco that Nick's mom ran in those days for all the immigrants coming from Holland/Indonesia to start a new life here in America!  Peter had Joke (from The Hague....just like me!) before he departed from Holland and she later came to join him & married!  
We had actually met Peter & Joke 2 years ago while visiting our friends Rudy & Silvia Benink in Pismo Beach!  That is where Nick once again met Peter when they were visiting "their" friends!  Oh what a small world huh?  All these special people!  It was the first time Nick & Peter had seen each other since the boarding house days when Peter then 18 & Nick who was then 19 years - pretty special!


 We talked & talked and it was wonderful to connect and talk with Serena their beautiful daughter!  What fun it was! Joke & I were both born in Den Haag!  How fun! 

As we headed back to our campground...Nick had told me when he paid up for the day this morning that there was this Hawaiian ranger there - and guess what????? got it just right.....
                                              .....David is an Indo!  Oh what fun again....we enjoyed talking with David!  His daughter joined YWAM and he was very proud to share that with us and we were very pleased to hear it!  Sidney will soon be spending some time in Asia! -David said! He was so proud!

David was born here - but his parents had come to America from Indonesia/ and Holland before he was born.

 Then this evening we met up with Cecile's son (Nick sister) Chris who lives here in San Juan Capistrano!  We had hoped to hook up with Chris and did this we got into the car and headed north to San Juan Capistrano on the freeway and here we are in the Starbucks coffee shop!



 Hi Chris..."long time no see!" Uncle Nick & Chris did some catching up and it is good to see the nephew again! 

Enjoying a good cup of coffee!

See Cecile...we thankfully made the connection with Chris' glad we did! 

Tomorrow we have decided we will leave the coast and head east to Yuma Arizona!  This is the Plan...but we will see how things go in the morning!  We will keep you posted - when we get wifi and have a chance to blog again!  

Hugs to you all!

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