Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We Are Settling into our New House! (This is the LAST POST for this blog "Our Bucket List RVing on a Budget" )

Our Newest Blog - Our Bucket List: "Living on the Coast of Oregon"

Our First Blog ~ Our Bucket List: "Asia Here we Come!" 

 3 Weeks ago today -(September 15th) we had packed up the moving truck in Bend and the next morning we left to drive to the Oregon coast!  Nick drove the truck...and I followed behind in the PC Cruiser...a 7 1/2 hour drive!

We did fine...Nick had no problems handling the truck and we made it smooth as can be!

When we arrived at the house, we started right away getting the truck unpacked...it was 3:30pm - we kept going until about 7:30-8:00 - we set up the bed first...we knew we would be very tired when we got done!

The truck was full of - bikes, clothes, small table - Nick's tools, yes there was still quite a bit...especially after not seeing it for 2 yrs..."stuff!"

We finished the next day at 1:30 and drove to the next town to drop it off!  Done!
 Walking into the house...oh my what a view..."are we really going to be living here Nick???"


Our real estate agent "Eva" had a sweet card and a welcoming gift for us...a pretty plant for our yard!  

             Thank you Eva!!

October 5th ~

Here we are...3 weeks later...and getting settled and making it HOME!

 What fun to open up the boxes that have been packed for 2 years and looking to see what is in there...!
As you can see Nick is quite happy stretched out on the couch!
We were going to have company & needed some dining room chairs...and found "4" chairs at the local thrift store in town....Perfect for our little "farm table" that Nick still had from long ago when he had an antique store!

 With my dishes being lots of happy colors too...the chairs fit nicely together! 

The kitchen needs some work & eventually we will paint it white...but for now...it is cozy and adequate!  How wonderful to have a "BIG" kitchen again! 

This is the hallway to the front door ~
We have 2 bedrooms....and are so pleased with them!

The office/guest room is comfortable too...we can easily get a "trundle bed" in there for all you who are coming to visit us on the coast!

Everything is roomy to us...because we have been in a motor home almost a year!

OK - This is a "Ellen thing!"  I have always enjoyed those cute little cotton/linen valances...and these small windows in the bedroom & bathroom - well I just had to have them...Looks Cute Huh?
Here's the front of the house...a house-warming gift from Uncle Paul & Janet...Geraniums....sweet as can be!!!!!  Thank you so much Janet!  From your own pretty garden!  I love it!  
We went to the beach and collected some drift wood...
...and then we found the "Diemel Residence" plate that Tineke in Holland gave us some years ago....yes Tien...it is up again..here in Port Orford!

We bought  a new light fixture (ocean look right?) and house numbers....it's official...we are here!

The motor home is in the front of the house but we will soon sell it with the "tow car"...hope to have it sold soon! 

Home is where your heart is...and for now...we are situated in Port Orford...on the southern coast of Oregon!

"Home Sweet Home!"

We are thankful for so many blessings!

This will be the last blog in ..."Our Bucket List: RVing on a Budget"...but we will be starting a new blog soon!  
"Our Bucket List - Living on the coast of Oregon"  
Click here to go to our Newest Blog..."Living on the coast of Oregon!" 
The Diemel Saga continues....
Love to All!  
From Nick & Ellen in Port Orford, Oregon to YOU!