Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Malibu Beach ~ AND then further South to San Clemente

Malibu Beach is nice... Malibu Beach RV Park - What a View!

Waking up to a new day!  Gosh just look at this weather.....w a y....nice!

 Can Ellen believe this?????? Oh my!  T-shirt time again...yes!

Meg???  Look here?  Familiar name???

 Good memories!!!

 Today we plan to connect with Ingrid & Mario - Nick niece & nephew and James!  And yes we would meet at 4;30 pm at their house in Mar Vista close by Venice!
We had a good time together - enjoying a glass of wine at her condo. It had been at least 4 years since we have seen themQ

 Ingrid is a learned person...loves to read and is interested in many things" arts, books, still taking classes in Psychology - smart girl!  We enjoyed getting caught up a bit with one another...family, kids etc!
 Ingrid has done some traveling and has collected beautiful items -

 Ingrid has a wonderful smile and we enjoyed so much seeing Maria & James too!

We had a delicious dinner at a local pizza place and it was good! AND they served a really good kale salad too - yum!
Venice is a really fun place to visit...a lot of people come to the boulevard to skate - bike - walk the shops -

Venice Beach "A Cool Place to Be!"

 The next morning we left Malibu Beach and headed south - down towards Lake Forest & San Clemente also on the coast!

Nick knew he would have to drive on the "crazy"
Los Angeles freeways to get down that way...and so off we went!

Pretty homes on the hills in Malibu - yes a popular place that draws many!

Many Volleyball courts along the beach...so many! 

 We headed onto Hwy 405...good Nick....and we laughed as we saw this freeway....YES....6 lanes across!!!

 Thus total of 12 lanes ....Can you believe that???? 

 It was about 11 am...and it was not as busy as it can be....
 ...but busy enough...cars & trucks passing

left and right....and when those trucks come so close...gosh...it almost feels like you can jump over! ha!
Nick is steady...staying focused on what is in front of him...he is right...don't watch what is coming on both sides...just way too much to look at...staying on your lane is good enough!

 San Clemente is also a very cute coast town ~ San Clemente - a Beautiful coastal Town

I made contact with my friend from Sisters...Linda & Jack who also enjoy the milder weather in the winter time!  They are in Oceanside at the moment and we are going to meet them!  Linda said "Ellen be sure to go to Dana Point Harbor and see the lights!" OK Linda we will do that!

And were we glad we did!  The harbor was lighted up with many lights!

 Neon lights flashing to the music!  Christmas songs - of course!

 We enjoyed some "Fish & Chip" at a local shop by the harbor~ 
 We strolled along the shops and saw some really pretty succulents - the greenery is so pretty here in this mild weather...made me think of Indonesia!

Enjoying our time here in southern California - the weather is wonderful and the sights are so nice! 
A little Christmas in our little home!

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