Saturday, December 6, 2014

Visiting with the Nelson's ~

 We enjoyed a really nice lunch with Alan & Vonna for our last day together!  We had seen these two trains parked long the road close by our campground.  So we went to look and it was adorable...retro...back to the 50's - Yes!  The history of these two trains are that they crossed the US - one was a diner & the other a lounge and both had had many well-known people eat there and have a cigarette and drink in that lounge!  Yes it was truly adorable!  We had a delicious lunch served in the old booths with the red booth seats...and checked floors....with lots of paraphernalia on the walls of the 40's through the 60' ~ and they played old song too!  


The Cutest Diner ever! Click on this Link!

 Betty Boob was there too! Of course!

 The walls & ceilings were full of business place to hang ours!!!! ha!

Are you Ready to Rock & Roll?????

Cute huh?

See the old kitchen tables & chairs...we all use to have in our kitchen - not so long ago??????

 Of course Marilyn Monroe and Elvis were on the walls too! 

 Yeah... "Peace Man Peace we say! Way cool huh???"

Alan & Vonna invited us over for dessert and they had a surprise for us.....??????

 Together we enjoy the Gaithers and the Gospel groups...and we watched a dvd together with wonderful Christmas songs - oh what a treat!  We have enjoyed going together to see them in the Arco Arena in Sacramento - and so many times we have spent time together cozy in a cabin or in Hawaii - watching these wonderful dvd's together!  So yes dear friends - it was a special evening!!!
 Joy! Joy! Unspeakable Joy! My Favorite!

 (Bud & Ginny do you remember????)
  O Holy Night!
Listen - so beautiful!

 Their little pets too enjoyed the music...cuddled under their blanket....             "Peekaboo!"

Thanks you Alan & Vonna for a great week with you both in Oceano ~ Pismo State Park Campground - it was a wonderful week of R&R!

See you in Yuma, Arizona in March!

Departure - with a Red ribbon!

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  1. Nice Blog. We did have some special times this week...We ate together, laughed together & maybe even a few sad moments! Glad you two were able to unwind a little and there is no place better than a Big, Beautiful Ocean! I think God gave us the ocean where we could go to relax, recuperate and have peace. It soothes the soul! Enjoy the journey your on right now, it's a new chapter in your life and a very special one! ��☮ ��