Saturday, December 27, 2014

From Yuma to Casa Grande and then on to Mesa/Apache Junction/Scottsdale area!

We headed from Gila Bend to the town of Casa Grande and stayed one night.  And then we traveled onward to Mesa which was about 2 hrs. Casa Grande RV Resort 

Just on the outskirts of town - Nick & I went to the Casa Grande (large house) Indian Ruins


 Very Impressive!  Built in 1350!

 We continued our drive to Mesa, which took about 2 hours ~ 

Nick found a really nice park Lost Dutchman State Campground in Apache Junction!
 A Gorgeous Park...Look and See!!!!! It was lovely there! We were in a desert area with the Superstition Mountains right in front of us!  Oh it was a beautiful sight!
 This mountain range is called
Superstition Mountains...and it is GIGANTIC!

Quite a sight to see!
 Our timing to arrive was as a little after 4 pm and at 5 it would begin to get dark!  So we found nice spot to park the motor home and quickly took some pictures!

 The light shown so pretty on this cactus...we are not familiar with this cactus...very prickly but very pretty too "at a distance!"
  The park was maintained by 3 camp hosts that kept it in immaculate condition!  Yes each RV parking spot was raked and tidied up each time a new person came!  It was lovely!  We enjoyed it for the 3 days while we looked for a permanent park we could stay in for a month or so in town!  Which we did!
 Gosh just look at this sunset?  How gorgeous huh?

 Time for dinner & relax...Good Night!

The next morning we took a walk......

 to see the surroundings and walked the many trails!  Good exercise!

and then Nick put up the flag pole and the 2 flags he had purchased.....

 ...yes the American & Dutch flag...(and without the blue band - it would be the Indonesian flag too!)

                     Hey Looking good Nick!

Nicky, Nick's son & Shannon had arrived in Arizona some weeks before...and our grandson, Nicholaas & Jasmine had recently arrived from New York and would also make Mesa their home!  So it was great to be together for Christmas!  McKenna, Nicky's daughter & our granddaughter would be arriving from Cabo San Lucas Mexico on the 27th for a week's visit that will be great! 

So we quickly connected with Nicky and family!  They had just closed escrow on the house they had purchased and were busy with removing the carpet, linoleum and painting the inside.

It was fun to help!  They worked very diligently!  Nicky went out shopping for appliances and a couch and little by little the place started to look like home!

The wood floors gave it a very warm look inside & with the new paint colors chosen on the walls everything started to look really nice!  Good Job you guys! 
Nicholaas likes his Dad's motorcycle!
We were proud of all their accomplishments in such a short time!  Nicky prepared the first dinner there...and we enjoyed a wonderful salmon & pasta dish...yum! The "chef" does a good job - always!  

Nicholaas & Jasmine - Very sweet!

 Shannon is dishing up and we are all hungry!
Salmon with pasta - Looks good!

Nick & I enjoyed a very special Christmas Eve service at the East Valley Nazarene Church here in Apache Junction!  A sweet service as we sang many wonderful Christmas hymn's and the candles were lit as we all sang Silent Night together....very touching!  The small church was cozy & intimate as we gathered to remember what our Savior and Lord came to do for us us from our sins!  What a be saved by His great sacrifice so that we may have "life everlasting" can you believe that? Yes it is true and God loves us that much! 

We enjoyed Christmas morning with the family doing a bicycle ride

to downtown Scottsdale...along the canals!  Each of us had our bikes and it was lots of fun to be together seeing the sights along the way...enjoyed our morning with them & having a Starbucks coffee!

Great picture Nicky & Shannon!
Get those leg muscles working! ha!

Later...early evening we went back to the house and enjoyed dinner with the family!

In the meantime Nick & I did find a Mobil home / RV park with a monthly lease. We paid for a month for now...but will most likely stay a few months!   It is a smaller park on the outskirts of town  so not so busy.
because Mesa, Phoenix & Scottsdale are very populated areas...lots going on and many many people coming from many areas who have come to Arizona to get out of the COLD!  We have heard that the population of Arizona doubles during the winter months!  Can you believe that?
We see it....everywhere cars...RV parks....mobil home parks!  People are here from Canada, and Montana, and Wisconsin and northern Utah, Washington State and Oregon...and they call them "SNOWBIRDS" getting away from the snow...I guess we too can call ourselves that!

So far we have experienced weather around 65-73F here...but they are saying at the moment there is a cold front coming in...and the weather has dropped during the night to 32F (freezing!)  Thou during the day it has been Sunny and warm...and we have blue skies!  No T-shirt weather yet though! 

In our park we have many friendly people - some live here all year round, some come in their motor homes from other areas...and some people have their 2nd house here in the park and come only for the winter months and then return back to their homes elsewhere!  This is a 55+ park.  Many - do lots of fun things ....our neighbor "Marv" & his wife just purchased a 4 wheel ATV "all terrain vehicle" !
They enjoy riding the rugged trails here in the desert set aside for just that!

We are updating you after a week of settling here.  Next week we will have internet in our motor home and will be able to be more in touch with you all!  (we are still coming to Starbucks to update you on this blog!)

Warm Greetings from us!

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