Sunday, December 14, 2014

Arizona - Yuma


We spent a few days in Yuma.    It is really spread out covering a wide area - with a lot of agricultural land use! Which means LOTS of fresh veggies! Miles of fields surrounding the town.

But it is also a haven for "snowbirds"..... people from Canada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana etc.  When we go to the stores we see so' many different license plates!  And the RV parks - so many many RV parks -with motor homes, 5th Wheels, Trailers, Campers, mobil homes EVERYWHERE!
We hear that many people come here because they enter Mexico to go to to dentist & optometrist  & buy medications over the border. We can surely understand that - with prices continuing to increase in our country!

Yuma Arizona 

 Read Up on the History of Yuma! 

Vonna our friend from Pismo Beach has a sister who lives in Yuma with her husband these past 11 years!  Pam has a shop - Vonna said ..... "be sure to swing' by and so we did.
Pam has a cute shop and many items she sells are personally made by her and also her husband!
 Lele's Serendipity Lele's Serendipity is a craft shop and Pam specializes in jewelry and also beautiful wreaths!
She is quite creative and I do believe it runs in the family - right huhVonna!  Pam opened this shop 3 years ago and it is fun to nose around!  Being in a motor home though - there is not a lot of wall space to hang up her cute decorations!  Pam has her shop on Facebook - so click on the above link and see for yourself!  Who might even be able to put an order in before Christmas - 11 more days to go!

She specializes in wreaths....and she has several original ideas!  Good Job Pam!!!
 Much success Pam...great to see you has been several years!

Boy oh Boy...I sure see a resemblance in you with sis!  Sweet!

We drove to the Colorado River - and viewed a very old mission built in the late 1700'...way above the river ....a special place to build a church reaching out the the people of the area!

 St Thomas Catholic Church on the Colorado River
 You can see for miles around on this level of the mission...very nice!  Loved the old mission that is still in use!

"Yuma Crossing "Ocean to Ocean Bridge"
This bridge is a one lane bridge - so traffic takes turns crossing over the Colorado River! The train is crossing over the other you see it coming?
Quite a view from the parking lot of the mission!

Colorado River ~ Yuma


 Nick & I went into the clubhouse here in the motor home park to play a game of pool and there was another couple there playing as well!  So we had a really nice chat with Bob & Polly who are snowbirds from Boise Idaho!  They have been coming to this area for the past 11 years! 

They take 3 days to come down here from Boise.  Bob & Polly told us that within a few days their "neighbor"(person parked in the motor home next to them) will be arriving from CA - also a Dutch/Indo!  Polly said her friend has quite a  story to tell about her time in Indonesia during the war.  We wish we could meet the neighbor!

Polly is a painter...and she does it really well!  There was some very pretty & detailed water color paintings on the wall she had painted of friends! 

Good Job Polly!  You are blessed with a beautiful gift & how gracious to share your gift with others!

Now I know 3  "Polly's"           Bob & Polly is a                 friendly nice to have met them this evening!

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