Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zion National Park - A Real Treat...Again!

 We drove most of the morning towards Zion and as we did we dropped in elevation from 8300 ft to 4300 ft...so the weather warmed up nicely!  

As we approached the entrance of Zion the rocks all around us were gigantic...this time we looked UP instead of down into a canyon.   

Zion National Park Utah  
 We were told there was a tunnel we would have to go through...and it would cost $15,- for a motor home or trailer.  We stood in line at the entry and the one way tunnel would count how many cars/motor homes would enter, and then the other side of the tunnel the cars would have their turn!

1.1 mile was the distance of the tunnel...going through solid rock!
 We were told to unhitch the car and then I would follow behind - so we did just that!
 It was fun to see the motor home up ahead and I was able to take pictures and later Nick said he too was taking pictures...no Nick...it is steep and the road has hair-pin turns! 
 We both couldn't help it though...we saw some really amazing BIG rock mountains!!!!

 It was different again, different then the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon too...now we were in a meadow like canyon (4300 ft elevation) and looking up to these gigantic rocks all around us!

Nick says it's his favorite!

We took a gamble with the campgrounds - did not book or reserve ahead.

There are only 2 in the park, and we entered one and asked the Ranger there if there might be a cancellation and Yes! she said ...for one night!  "Oh we'll take it!" 

Hey Dave & Meg...Lookie Here!  See They made it to Zion!

 This one night site was with electricity...very nice for the price of $9.00!  We were so' thankful for the one night! (Watchman Campground)

The next morning early -Nick went to the other campground called South Campground and this one is a "first come - first serve" and he looked to see if there was any vacant or someone just leaving!  This guy at the one site called out to Nick and said...this one here, the people just left!  So Nick quickly filled out a card and put it on the wood post and YES! We have this site for another 2 nites!  Great!  So we are really pleased to be here...the weather is good, and we can ride our bikes.  The Bus system is the only way to get around and so we do just that....walk to the Visitor's Center and get on the bus and it stops at every stop and we can hike and do whatever and then go on to the next stop and so forth!

Watchman Campground Zion National Park
See the campground layout!

 This is our 2nd location where are now!  Really great!

 We have enjoyed twice a ride all the way down to the Visitor's Center from the Lodge...a 8 mile ride!  Fun!  Stopping along the way to take lots of pictures!

Finishing up on this post...wanted to share with you some of these sights - we have been in this coffee shop now 2.5 hours!  Time to leave!!! Ha!

We are planning to stay another nite at Zion...making it 5 days - before we head to Overton, Nevada  where we have friends to visit!  Hugs !

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