Monday, May 4, 2015

Our 2nd Day in the Grand Canyon!

 Nick & I had a good nights rest and we were ready to go into the park again this morning!  Juiced carrots, ate some cereal and off we went with camera's, snacks, fruit & water for the day!

When we got to the entrance - it was lined up with 4 rows of cars, motorbikes, motor homes....tour buses...oh my so' busy and it was not even Summer vacation yet! 

Grand Canyon - see website!
 These are motor homes you can rent "Goin' Places with Smilin' Faces!"... very cute indeed!
(we met a Dutch couple on the bus who were delivering a "new motor home" from Chicago to Salt Lake City - doing this for a can do that here in fun is that!  They said it cost them only 1200 Euro to do this for the motor home dealership- of course they pay the gas themselves...great idea!)
Parking Lot full of large and small motor homes!

Back in Casa Grande Arizona we came across a couple from France who had one of these very special "ALL Terrain" trucks and we thought it might be them - Christian & Sylvie Detrois but they were French and this truck had Switzerland on it!

A very unique truck...fully loaded!  We realized it was not them! 

We decided to park the car right away at the Visitor Center and then take the bus which is free to get around! 

So well organized!  The bus comes every 15 minutes and takes you through out the park...all free and very convenient! 

Nick & I decided first, to walk the western side of the Rim...about 3 miles or so.

While we were still fresh and energized! 

 The Bright Angel Trailhead - took you down into the Canyon to the river...5000 feet down. 
...and the Colorado River is still 2400 feet above sea level!

 It was a little more windy today - thankfully we both had on layers!  So no problem!  Then a little rain came too! 

So many languages we heard today!  From France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, India - !!!!

"Say Cheese!"

 After a good walk along the Rim...the sprinkles turned into rain - so we grabbed the bus and decided to go have lunch at the Bright Angel Lodge....very nice and delicious!

                            Bright Angel Lodge -

We ordered Black Bean soup - very black!  But tasty! 

 Mary Colter was a very special lady! Read up on her....
Mary Colter - a pioneer!



                                                       After lunch the Sun came out!!!!

 Some more rain clouds in the distance!


...... and more Pictures!

              A VERY Tall person!
Sunset  .....6:30 pm......

We had a full day and our feet started to feel.... Sore!  We walked a lot of miles!

Time to call it a "Day!"

We have so enjoyed our 2 days here!!!  

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