Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Day visiting Yosemite National Park

As we headed north from Bakersfield to Modesto,

we decided to go to Yosemite!  We were about 1.5 hours from it while driving on Hwy 99 - so we did!  It was beautiful to see again....for both Nick & I, it had been quite a few years ago that we had visited this park.  We were both still living in Modesto at that time - and that has been more then 14 years ago!

We arrived to the town of Oakhurst which is the south entrance to Yosemite by way of Fresno.  We decided to find a RV park in this town and then unhitch the car and go for the day into Yosemite another 90 minutes further past Oakhurst.                                  

The weather was lovely...we were so fortunate, even though we had heard there would be some  rainfall on the local news!  Not so!

Wawona Lodge
 Ahwahnee Lodge is always such a pleasure to go to! 

 Dogwood Tree - blossoms coming out are just so impressive!

 The Lobby is as it was years ago when I came here with my parents! So warm and welcoming!  A beautiful lounge room and dining area...and always fun to nose around in the gift shop!

Pristine views of the Madera River...it is a gorgeous day!
 Spring Time...lots of new growth sprouting!
 The "Half Dome" what a beautiful rock - split in half!

 Yosemite Falls is gorgeous!  It has two levels the upper falls and the lower falls.

 Years ago I took my boys to Yosemite Park and they took a picture just like this holding up the rock....so Mom just had to do it again....ha...MORE Years later!


                    Special Memories! 

See Jas!
 The deer and use to the visitors taking pictures of them...they didn't even look up!

They encourage people to use the free bus system that runs through out the park - but it is still allowed to drive your car into the park.

We enjoyed our day in Yosemite National Park!  It was relaxing and easy to get around.  Again, we did not pay an entry fee..nice!  That senior/Golden Age card has surely been a treat visiting all these National parks the last few weeks!

Time to head back to Oakhurst...we drove way down into the canyon and now it was time to go back up and out again!

The park ranges from 2000 feet (648m) to 13,114 (3,997m)


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