Monday, May 18, 2015

Back in California! It's Skyler's 3rd Birthday!

She found the "sprinkles" oh! oh!
oh how she loves of course she liked her Birthday card!
Yes all the presents are opened now..Skyler Likes!
Our drive from Zion National Park, Utah to Overton/Lake Mead, Nevada was pleasant.  But first we actually went to the nearest coffee shop so that I could Facetime with Skyler my granddaughter and Jas & Milou!  She would be celebrating her 3rd Birthday!  The plan was to call them 11 am my time, and 8 pm their time.  Skyler would open her gifts and card that we had sent her!  She will be celebrating her Birthday on Sunday with all the family.  But this was special "Oma & Opa"  time!
We had a special time on the phone and Oma here had to control her voice because we sure didn't need the whole coffee shop to enjoy our special time together - ha!
Jas later sent me these pictures...she was having dinner and I could not believe her appetite...look at that plate of food!  Quite an appetite indeed Skyler!
And she napped a little later with her new hoodie cute!  Oma so' proud!

Lake Mead Nevada ~
Entering Nevada!

Our destination was actually  Overton, Nevada    We decided to stay at the Lake Mead campground for the the evening. Echo Bay Lake Mead Campground 
We were shocked at the level of the water in this reservoir!  The water was so low...and this is the water that feeds the Los Angeles area...oh my!  It was dry and even this "floating bathroom" was no longer in use...just not enough boaters out there!  It was a very sad situation - indeed!  Just like Lake Powell in Utah...both very low! 

 Lake Mead, Nevada -Water Level

We had called Loes and we would be visiting her the next morning!   

 Loes van Beuge - an old friend from Indonesia.  Nick and his family had been in the concentration camps those 3 years and this family too had been in the very same area close to where we had settled for 9 months.  Loes and her mother (also lost her husband in the war)  and brothers had also returned to Holland and could not adjust there and also took advantage of the immigration quota to the US.  This family too stayed in Nick's mothers boarding house in San Francisco until they could get settled in Salt Lake City.

Loes had a album with the history of her family's pictures from Indonesia!  Oh she did an excellent job of sharing her Dutch/Indo heritage so that her family would know their mother's background!  So good to do that!
It was so interesting to see it...especially because we have recently been there!  Loes (Louise) is 3 years older then Nick so she remembers more.  The town of Ambarawa, Java is the town her family was confined in those 3 years. Right close to were Nick was with his mother and sister Cecile.   Loes & her family had lived in Bundung (same town my father & family had lived!) before the war broke out...and she too, as Nick had lost her father in the harsh camps during the war.  (actually it turns out that her father is also buried in the very same Dutch Memorial Cemetery where Nick's father is buried!) 

Loes also had some pictures of Cecile, Nick's sis in her album taken in Holland!
Cute huh?  Cecile is 17 years old here!  Pretty girl! 
This is Nick's Mom with Loes mother

 Loes with her mother & brothers in Holland

We enjoyed our time with her and getting caught up with things!  

Loes lives happily on the same property with her daughter & son in law, and also next door her son & daughter in law!  She has been blessed with 9 children!

It was wonderful to visit with her and meet her family!  She is in good & loving hands!  They built her a beautiful 2 bedroom addition and she is very happy there!  It was so good to see her had been several years!


When we parted our ways - we continued to our next destination - Las Vegas.  Just an hour away.

  But it was so' busy and so' hectic on the freeways, we decided to drive right through town and not even stop!  Most people would say "What?" but it just didn't draw us enough to turn off with the motor home and tow car and go see the sights!  We decided to head to Barstow instead & parked for the night at Walmart.  We always appreciate being able to stay overnight on their parking lots!  They allow this for all travelers!

Southland RV Good Sam - we were pleased to find this park right off the freeway - conveniently close to all shopping too!

Time to help Nick with - fun to drive this "big mama" sitting up with such a good view overall!

May 18th - heading north towards Modesto today...our old home town!  Looking forward to visiting with old friends and seeing Jim & Denise in the Bay Area and also visiting Nick's aunt & uncle in Lodi!  

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