Friday, May 8, 2015

Onward we go to Lake Powell Arizona

We enjoyed our time in the Canyon!  Today we would go east along the Grand Canyon Rim and then connect with Highway 89 to Lake Powell.  As we left the area it began to rain...and did so off and on.  I was thankful for a break,  and then the Sun came out again! Yeah there are so' many tourists that have come from so far away to see all these beautiful sights - and don't come to experience RAIN! - including us!

As we drove along the Rim - we came to the last view point on the Grand Canyon Rim!  A must see we heard!

                                                                               Cute Guy!

This view point is about 25 miles east along the Canyon. We were so glad we stopped!  This was the neat tower we had seen in pictures. We had wondering where it was, while we were enjoying the Grand Canyon Park area!  Oh it was a gorgeous sight to behold!  Nick & I were struck again by the vastness of it all!  It was a wide open area of the canyon with a really good view of the Colorado River too!  The tower too was so impressive!

Amazing scenery's!

We enjoyed it so much!


 Mary Colter ~ the Architect!
This is a must read - click on this link!  This gal was really gifted and had some  neat ideas which were appreciated and used by  Mr Fred Harvey in the design of the buildings in the Grand Canyon!

I love this! Right on the rock wall - Yes giving God the Glory for His Creation!

Well time to depart from the Grand Canyon and on to Lake Powell!  It was a 3 hr drive through some nice Dessert scenes! Going on Hwy 64 until we connected with Hwy 89.  We climbed in elevation and went through a rocky pass through the mountain.   Wow just cut right through -

...and dropped down to the lower elevation of Lake Powell. Lake Powell - Read about it!

We came to Page, Arizona and found a RV park very close to the Lake & Dam.  Great!  Good timing was 4:30 by this time.
City of Page Arizona

Had some shopping to do at the local Walmart.  While parked in the parking lot we came across another one of those really unique all terrain trucks that people use to get most through all kinds of situations including river beds!  This truck has a story to tell!

  The map on the truck showed us where they have already been to...would you believe it Africa, Australia , South America, US and Alaska parts of Asia....the website will tell the story!

You can read up on this persons travels by going to their site here to the right........I bet they have experienced some really cool things!

Amazing fun to speak to people on the road as we travel!

Then we saw this couple sitting outside by their trailer and we had a chat with them!  Wayne and Linda from Utah.  Wayne & Linda have traveled 49 States with their cab-over camper/truck.  Wow!  Isn't that something!  They have traveled over 300,000 miles - we enjoyed our time together and parted our ways with a Big Hug!  God Bless you both Wayne & Linda!  Oh yes, Wayne was Nick's age!

Happy Trails you two!

 The campground we found was close to the Lake and very nicely laid out!  We had use of a laundry room and full hook-up!

We took a drive to the dam and the lake before going back to the RV!  Tomorrow we will venture out and see the area.  Page seems to be a newer town...and a growing one.  We are surrounded by Indian territory.  

We found this campground in the Woodall Campground book and it turned out to be really nice for only $27,- a night!

Page Lake Powell Campground


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