Monday, May 4, 2015

Leaving Beautiful Sedona and driving 3 hrs to the Grand Canyon

 Wow...Rancho RV Park in Sedona was lovely!

But time to head out and leave Sedona.  So we disconnected (electric, sewer, cable, water) and head out though....

"On the Road Again....!"

These people had just been picked up- they are going on a rugged Jeep fun! A lot of bouncing on those rocky roads! 
                          We were leaving the RV park and others were coming in!  May is the beginning of Summer - and it is getting busy now!

When those big trucks come can feel it!
The road to Flagstaff was beautiful!  We started to climb in elevation and begin to see lots of pine trees and even some snow on the mountain top!

Our friends Jack & Marilyn use to live here!  Jack had a RE/Max franchise - I worked for Jack in Modesto for 15 years selling real estate! 

Hey Jack & Marilyn...looks familiar?
On the way to the Grand Canyon turn off - there is a little town called Williams.  The town is partially located on the well known 
Route 66  - and it was a really cute town!
Lots of cute shops and restaurants and all in the era of the sixty's! 

There's an old cowboy sitting there...I wonder how long???

Well there you go...the sign for the Grand Canyon!!!!!
A Wild Life Park - cute bear -

It took another 50 miles to drive north on this Hwy 64 to the motor home park we had booked for 2 days just outside the gate entrance to the Grand Canyon.

We entered the town of Tusayan -

It was a bit dry-looking compared to the previous park but still full hook-up!  We knew that we would only be sleeping here and spending most of the day in the Canyon.

It was about 2 pm when we unhooked the car...and headed to the main gate of the Canyon! 

$25.00 entrance fee.....BUT.....for us....FREE!
Yes 62+ you can get a "Golden Age Passport" into all the National Parks for free!  Nick & Ellen likes!

A little bit of rain but we have had some really HOT HOT days so the rain was fine and it was not that cold either - although we were at 7000 feet elevation!

People can take a train ride from the Grand Canyon to the town of Williams and back!  I am sure it would be a pretty ride but...
The El Tovar Hotel 
Built in 1923 - it was quaint and cozy! 
The Hotel has hired students from Philippines to come for 3 months to work- 
........this gal's name is 
Ellen!  Sweet!  She was full of smiles!

We were so excited to see the RIM!!!!  Look beautiful! 
Oh my you can't believe how DEEP this canyon is....5000 feet = close to a mile DOWN!!!
There are hiking paths laid out all along the Rim...13 miles along the Rim that you can walk! 

Nick & I took continuous pictures of beautiful sceneries!  It was a bit hazy though from the rain...hopefully tomorrow we will get some better shots!

Look some Elk grazing along the road...all of us stopped to take pictures!  The Elks did not even look at the people...I think they are very use to all the visitors.

Towards the late afternoon the Sun came out again!  In the mean time we had had at least a 3 mile walk along the Rim!  It was a great walk and a wonderful first day in this beautiful place!  We headed back to the motor home...and crashed!

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