Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back in Modesto visiting friends!

We departed out of Yosemite and headed on to Modesto where we use to live 15 years ago before moving to Bend Oregon.  The drive would be about 3 hours from Yosemite National Park.  We decided to take a rest and have some lunch before driving onward to Modesto.  So we came to a Rest Stop along the highway and as we parked to motor home we became surrounded by motor cycles!

It was going to be Memorial Day Weekend in the US -
Memorial Day A very special holiday in America when we remember the soldiers who have served our country.  Remembering those who died and those who are wounded!

In Washington DC there is a "Wall" with all the names of the men & women who have lost their lives.  There is also a traveling Wall that is driven through the country going from city to city.   "The Traveling Wall"
We were surrounded by motor cycles and more continued to come...and they were here in this Rest Stop waiting for this traveling trailer to arrive and they would be "escorting" it to Manteca where this "Memorial Wall" would be displayed for the Memorial Day Weekend.

It was so impressive seeing all these people coming from many different towns to support this!

We arrived at our friends house in Modesto - Paul & Luba who we have known for many years!  They are a Russian family that immigrated to the US from Ukraine with their 3 children.  Paul & Luba live on a big property so we are able to park our motor home in their backyard.  They are very gracious and so' generous!  We always feel blessed to be with them!

Paul is a machinist  tradesmen...and learned this in Ukraine.   He has worked very hard in this country and worked for Gallo wine here in Modesto for many years and then started to work for himself.

He gave us a tour of his shop...and we were amazed at all his equipment and what detailed work they do!  Especially the gigantic one he had recently purchased and was now doing jobs for the airline companies too!  He loads in up in the evening and the whole computerized equipment does it throughout the night!  Amazing technology!  We stood in awe of what it all could do!
Here is Paul and his brother Ilya

From a block of aluminum to one side of it getting cut to the other side being cute - all automatically programmed!
This is still in the process of being made...this is for a cannery company that holds the cans as it goes through the assembly line at the factory!

Quite a machine!

The Shops Name....Prema Precision
So this amazing apparatus has 5 column's and those columns have to be made first to hold the part that is being made!
The booth door opens...and in goes one column with the parts on it...and from there...the 100 drills inside automatically goes to work one by one putting these parts into shape....
Each of these tools are numbered..you see?....and one by one the machines grabs the one tool....out of the slot and does what it needs to do to all the columns! 

Here is one part...for a Boeing airline - a part of the seat clasp...

Can you imagine being the programmer for this??????
This is Paul & Luba with their family back when I met in Modesto!
   The finished product!


 Great picture of Nick & Marijka...a dear friend of the family!
Marijka was part of the "Dutch Ladies Tea Group" that met monthly when my Mom was still well!  Mom loved it!   

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