Saturday, May 2, 2015

2nd and Last Day in Sedona

A gorgeous day it was here in Sedona!  Weather was cool through the night and warmed up nicely in the morning!  We decided to go out for breakfast at the Coffee Pot Restaurant!  A month ago when we came to Sedona, we had breakfast here as' sis recommended it!  Best Breakfast in Town! Delicious and all made fresh!  A very popular place! 

We then decided to go do our hike first, with all this fresh energy we had this morning!

Off we went and found a neat place to climb, up a hill with massive rocks!

We both like to explore, noticing all the plant life and rock formations....and just see where we end up!

Nick & I just like going up like this....on the rocks.

Never did see any deer, snakes, or critters!  Oh yes one squirrel!

Lichen on the rocks- pretty!
Look at the textures - the tree with curling bark, the layers of rocks and a very old tree!
The cactus were blooming - such a pretty red...and yet so painful if you brush by it accidentally-ouch!

See how far we have hiked up?  Down there is the parking area. 

Still a ways to go....
We did our exercise for the day...a good climb...stay in condition...yep gotta stay at it huh Nick?  We both enjoy it so much!

Thankfully we still can and do!
Heading down again!

Cool picture! 

Later by the parking area- Nick noticed the sunlight on the back mountain range with the cloud cover on the forefront!

Turned out really nice - good shot Nico!
We did some more hanging around galleries - It was 1st Friday of the month Gallery Evening!

Cinco de Mayo celebration!  Life music and activities!

We also nosed around in the consignment stores - love to nose around in those places!  
                                                        Fun!  Nick found a really nice hiking shirt - way to go!  

Tomorrow we leave Sedona for the Grand Canyon ! A 5 hour drive from Sedona to Flagstaff and then to Williams and up to Tusayan Camper Village.

Everyone keeps saying "oh Ellen you will love it!"  
Can't wait! 


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