Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Enjoying our Time here in Bend Oregon!

We are slowly but surely getting things done with our motor home- getting the items we will need as we travel south: clothing, tools, pots and pans, utensils.  We have been parked outside on parking driveways at our friends house, and on the church parking lot...whatever works for the few weeks we while we are here in Bend.  

We are adjusting to living in a motor home!  We have TV when we have electricity hook up...nice to be able to watch the news locally! 

Nick has found "the couch" with the remote control in his hand...of course!
Football season is on ...which is a BIG pass time here in the States!

 There was an incredible sunrise the other day...nice! 

 Here is another parking spot ~

 On a clear day you can see the mountain range in the back ground...Yes!  This is the very reason we moved to Bend Oregon from California in the first place...seeing those gorgeous Cascades!
There is Mt Bachelor and then Broken Top and then South, Middle, and North Sisters mountains (Faith Hope and Charity is the original names)

We feel a bit "displaced"...Nick & I both figured out - it is because we are back in Bend but without a house to go back into!  Yes...a bit strange..being back in Bend...but living in a motor home!  Don't get us wrong...we are thankful...but it just feels strange to us both!  We think that once we begin to actually leave Bend...it will make a difference.  We know we will be back to Bend in the Spring time when things warm up again here in this gorgeous Central Oregon!  But for now...with our motor home we hope to travel and see some sights and enjoy a winter in a warmer area!

We will keep you posted when we get ready to depart...which will be in just a few weeks around
mid- November we think!

Pictures my son sent me when we said our good-byes at the airport!
I am missing my little girl...Skyler look at Oma....do you see the very BIG Bear in this Costco store?????  Oh my Skyler...isn't he big??? Look at those feet????? 
Opa too found something BIG...a 75 inch TV!         

Big stores here in America...and they sell BIG things too! We could not believe the size of this TV....just had to share it with you all!

We will keep you posted dear friends...and will keep you posted when we prepare to travel in a few weeks! 

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