Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Visting in the Bay Area-

Today was a tough day...Nick & I drove to the Bay Area to go visit my step-Dad Jim.  It was hard to be back in the house...seeing Jim again and not Mom!  The reality hit hard!  Just a knowing she is no longer with us..Mom passed away while we were still in Germany....on August 7th. 

It was good to sit with Jim and just talk...and comforting to be together.  The three of us - Nick & I and Jim...spent that year in their home taking care of Mom...and we made many special memories together...and it was so good to be together once again but the realization hit me of course!
Al...Jim's Neighbor came to welcome us!

Jim & daughter Denise

Jim's daughter Denise also came by to see us and...Denise had suddenly lost her husband 1 month after Mom's passing too!  Oh how heavy our hearts are...with these losses...and yet...we know it is very much a part of "life" isn't and death?!

Still we are assured in the God we serve and love....our Mom and Denise's husband Jerry are with the Lord...and we have that assurance thankfully!

We are comforted yet we are saddened! It was a blessing to spend time together! 

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