Monday, November 24, 2014

From Chico to Visit Family in Lodi and then to Modesto!

We have been busy for the last couple of days since arriving into CA!  We drove from Chico south on Hwy 5 to Lodi where Nick has his aunt & uncle ~ they had moved to Lodi from Modesto a year ago and we have not yet seen their new house!

The park called Flag City RV              Lodi ~ Flag City RV Park
 was new to us!  It had so many motor homes and 5th wheels and trailers parked...all traveling to get to family for Thanksgiving which is this Thursday in America! 

 A special day to remember our heritage - immigrants coming to America to seek a better life...from all over the world!  YES......that includes my family and Nick's family too!

And YES!!!! we immigrants are ever so thankful for our parents bringing us to this beautiful country!

So Nick & I parked the motor home and then we unhitched the car and headed into Lodi!

Lis & Gerrit were a blessing to see!  Nick aunt
uncle had moved a year ago to Lodi and liked it very much!  They had a very cute home and both were very happy in their new community and church! 

We had a lot to talk about especially about Indonesia - both Gerrit & Lis were born in Indonesia -both from Java!  So nice to share with them our experiences.  They both followed us on the blog they said and really enjoyed reading about our time in Asia

Next day we headed to Manteca and then Modesto...stopping by old friends in Manteca~

Fred & Wendy are long time friends!  Fred is a Dutchie and Wendy was my neighbor and they met 27 years ago...can it be so long ago??? 
Wendy was working today but we would be back on Sunday again!

On Sunday we did meet up with Fred & Wendy and went to church with them ~ Fred was doing a teaching in the adult class on "Christians for Israel" and it was very special and informative!  We were proud of our friend! 

We then headed to Modesto and called old friends who - had a very large lot that we could park our motor home on....and they said Yes! come and park on our property!  Paul & Luba happened to be flying back that very day from Ukraine - visiting family there.  How gracious is that to allow us to enter on their property and they are still flying back from New York! Sweet!

 Paul & Luba have a lovely home!  A tudor style with a drive up gate and then another gate to the backyard.  They have goats & chickens and turkey's and quails (which lay very tasty eggs!)

 Paul & Luba have both worked hard to make this a beautiful home and garden - they have many types of fruit trees and they both enjoy their home!

We are blessed to be able to stay with them on their property!
 Here is their their oldest daughter, Sveta & her husband Stephen and their 4th child ...little baby Olivia  - very cute!

Then we headed to Carlene & Larry to visit with great to see old buddies!  The next day we went to Dave & Meg's house and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon & evening with them!  Meg's parents are now living with them - so it was great to visit with Frank & Barb as well!  What a treat!

 A good hearty soup Meg made for us with quinoa and brown rice....a good soup it was!

We are going to join up again Dave & Meg in Carmel at the end of the week!  I have a Birthday on the 24th and Meg on the 28th - their anniversary is on the 29th and ours is on the 30th!

Hey we will celebrate it together in Carmel on the Beach - nice!

Meg & Mom cozy on the "love chair" together!  Dave is comfy in his chair too...get those feet UP Dave!

Little Holly Meg & Dave puppy is only 1 year old and has already learned so many tricks!
This toy poddle's are so smart!  Her "Ellie" too learned so quickly!  Just look at this!  Sweet as can be!

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