Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2nd Day in Chico Visiting John!

 We touched base with John and would be getting together this afternoon!  Great!  He told us about a brewery in town called Sierra Nevada Brewery - a very well known one!

John suggested we take a tour there and have a bite to eat!  Sounds good to us!  He said he would pick us up at 3;40 pm!

I did the laundry here at the Clubhouse and also did some shopping at the grocery store!  It was a rainy day today....but CA is in need of much rain we have been told

 Beautiful mural on the walls~

Sierra Nevada

 We enjoyed seeing the brewery...and gift shop and some old pictures on the wall...old machinery!

John has made acquaintance with a new friend...and proudly shows us a picture...cute John...very cute! 
Dinner was tops at Sierra Nevada Brewery!  We enjoyed a special time with John!  John's daughter Fallon and Shawn are expecting a baby within a month...
Little "Leandro Grant Valim" will soon arrive! How exciting for this soon to become grandpa!
Back at the motor home - I got busy entering all the pictures into this blog!  Yes - I must keep you all posted right?  Right!  

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