Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving at Paul & Luba's House

 Nick & I called our brother in law Frank Saenz in Patterson and we were able to meet up with him!
Frank had moved down from Bend & Madras OR area 1 year closer to his own family~
Frank is a Medical Translator...English-Spanish/Spanish-English and still enjoys it!
Nick saw this Ferrari on the parking Lot...go Nick!

OK Nick - dream away!

In the evening we enjoyed a special Thanksgiving Dinner with our dear friends....and all being immigrants - it was wonderful to remember how we all came to this country!

 Paul & Luba immigrated to the US 25 years ago...fleeing Ukraine for their faith in God.

They have 3 children Sveta, Ilya and Luda!

 Little "Zion" and grandma Luba! 

 Luba was busy preparing most of the day...and family began to arrive around 6 pm~
 The is little Olvia - the newest family member!

 Little Leia, Elizabeth and brother Luke posed with their Indian outfit which they had made especially for Thanksgiving....very very nice!!!!
A special Apple pie we too used to order when we lived here in Modesto!

 Paul got busy cutting the Turkey - that was so juicy and tender...Good job Luba...delicious!

A Lovely Thanksgiving with dear friends!  
Thank you Paul & Luba for inviting us to join you for Thanksgiving....we so enjoyed spending it with the family!  You are a blessed family!  
God has bountifully blessed you these years in America! 

And Nick & I are ever so grateful to have you as friends!
And to stay on your property these past days while visiting here in Modesto!

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