Thursday, November 13, 2014

Still in Bend...Oregon.....we are stuck!

Today is Nick's appointment to see the specialist for his ongoing sinus problem.  The ENT wanted Nick to have a cat-scan done so we had to wait another week...which is today to have it done!  We are thankful to do so...for he has been dealing with this congestion for quite a long time...actually we think he might of gotten this when we were in Asia.  So we are here and waiting for our 3 pm appointment, and then at that time we hope to know more! 

But this morning..we woke up in the motor home...and PEAKED OUT...the window.... ...and there it was SNOW! Yes earlier then is normal....usually the snow comes down sometime after Thanksgiving (last week of November or first week of December)...but not is HERE and it was a lot of it......6 inches!

We were told on the New broadcast that a cold northern front was coming in and would travel as far as Mexico!  Yes - and would be here for a few days!  Well it has arrived...starting last night around 12 midnight and it continued to snow all night and most of the morning! 

 The house we are parked in front of is white....pretty!

 These Keen shoes...have traveled to many countries...Asia and back...and I sure didn't think we would be in the snow...ha!

 We will now wait until is is melted to be able to leave Central Oregon!  It can take a few days they say....the bikes are fastened onto the motor home...but we surely don't want to "ski" over the highway with the motor home and a car towed behind us too! 

We will keep you posted! 

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