Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From Redding to Anderson RV store to Chico ~

 We awoke this morning,  still at the Lowe's shopping center parking lot and prepared to leave. We need to go to the next town called Anderson south on Hwy 5.  There we would find the motor home store to give us an idea what might be the problem with the RV heater.

I drove right behind Nick on the freeway...

The RV mechanic it was a sail switch that needed to be replaced....the heater altogether would have to be pulled out & this new part put Nick said he could do that himself!

OK ~ we can now leave for Chico...oh but first lets drive to Corning where they have a truck/RV car wash...Yes the motor home "the Whale" is very very dirty from all the snow & gravel on the roads!  So off we went to Corning about 36 miles south and we found the sign and turned off!

Another new experience for fun!

There were several places - first one said it would cost $45,- oh my that sounds so pricey?    So Nick went to another one a little further us- and they too charged $45,-  3rd time was a charm....Truck Wash - the one we saw from the freeway???  Yes!  $30,- and you sit in the motor home and drive through!  
So lets do it....stand in line with those big trucks and wait our turn! 

"OK come on in....yes straight ahead...."
..a little to the left....yes keep coming!"

It was spiffy clean when the six guys got finished with us!

                                                                                        Done! Time to look up John! Yeah!

As we approached Chico - we called John for directions.  He gave us directions to his neighborhood and home...but our motor home & car is too long to bring into his he met us on the outskirts of his subdivision.

"Hey John!  So' good to see you again!!"
Thumbs Up!

Later that evening we past by a motor home park ~ Almond Tree RV Park 
Nick decided we should stay there tonight!  OK looks really cute!

There was a few others already there as well!

So many shapes and sizes! 
Each spot has a electrical box, water connection hook-up, wifi, and a TV cable connection too!

The Clubhouse has a kitchen, a Laundry room plus toilets & showers!

Plus a damp station~  This was a very nice park and very neatly maintained!  And the price was very reasonable!

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