Thursday, April 30, 2015


April 30th - our last day in Apache Junction and this park!  We said our good-byes to Nick & family last evening.  Nicky & Shannon are departing next week Wednesday and going up to the boat in Washington where they will enjoy the summer months.
 We hope to visit them too this summer.  Nicky has a beautiful 40 foot sail boat in Blaine WA. right on the border of Canada.

 Nicholaas our grandson & Jasmine are staying at the house here in Mesa.  They are both working at their jobs and getting established here in Arizona.  Nicholaas just purchased a car so they are doing well!  The plan is that Nicholaas & Jasmine will come for a week or so to enjoy the San Juan islands this summer sometime in August!

We are busy getting things ready to go on the road tomorrow!  This RV has been sitting here for 4.6 months now - so there are some things to put in order before we leave.
I did some shopping today and did the laundry.  We are saying our good-bye's to the people around us here in the park that we have enjoyed getting to know these past 4.6 months.

Our drive tomorrow is about 3 hours.  We will hook up the car to the motor home again. 
We plan to be in Sedona around 12 noon which is check-in time at the RV park where we made reservations for 2 more days.  It is a lovely park along a creek. 

When we visited Sedona a month ago,  we really enjoyed it there - it was an overwhelmingly beautiful place to see!
So we are both excited to go back and enjoy it again and this time with the motor home!
There are so many beautiful sights to see and lots of really great hikes yet to enjoy! 

Then we will head to the Grand Canyon.  It is already a busy time of the year...for we had to make some calls to find an available space to rent in the campground there!  Thankfully we found something 7 miles outside of the Grand Canyon entrance - not bad!  Even though it is just the beginning of May, - and schools are not yet out!  But many "snowbirds" are traveling "home" too and most likely, just like us, they too are enjoying some sights on the way!

I personally have not seen the Canyon or Zion and Bryce - Nick did visit the Grand Canyon with his family many years ago.  Together we will enjoy seeing some new sights!

 So we are both Excited!

We will keep you all posted!  Happy Trails!

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