Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Couple of Days to Jerome & Sedona AZ

 Jerome Arizona A old Copper Mining Town

We decided to take a few days out!  We had heard about Jerome - it was a "artsy" town we heard!

 The town of Jerome is about 2 hours from Phoenix...but higher in elevation 5000 ft. 

We climbed up this steep road to get to this mining town.

The houses were all built on these steeps hills.
 A old Copper mining town with lots of history!



Is that a real rattlesnake?
 So many old building - from so long ago! 
 Jerome - A Ghost Town! 

Some of these building were still in use - cute shops to nose-around in!
 Loved the name of the shop...."Lola.....Whatever she wants....." Remember the song?  Cute name for a clothing shop! A great way to travel!
 Fully equipped with bedding, dishes, all you need is to bring your suitcase with clothes!
Kitchen, toilet, shower, easy parking! A great way to see the States!

We were glad to have come here stop ........Sedona!  Oh I can't wait to see it!  Heard so much about it! 
Let's Go Nico! 

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