Monday, April 6, 2015

Sedona Arizona

 "Gosh!  I think we are almost there Nick...see in the distance the "red mountains" we have heard about?"

Sedona Arizona Oh What a beautiul place! 


My look over there!
 Entering into town....gosh look over there...look at those pillar of rocks in the distance!!!!!!

Oh I can't believe the sights!
 Just look at the formations of those rocks!!!!  Can you believe it?

Absolutely stunning!!!!

....and Look over there!!!

Driving into Sedona - it was a bustling town with many people enjoying the sights, the shops and weather! 


See how busy it was in Sedona - we quickly began to search for a place to sleep for the night!

 Sugar Loaf Lodge - Reasonable & a cute retro kind of motel!
We like these cute older motels -

Now that we had a place to stay for the night - we went off again to see this beautiful place!

We followed some "touring" jeeps loaded with tourists - a good way to see the sights & nice and cheap too! Ha!

All that sitting in the car from Apache Junction - a 3 hour drive, it was time to stretch our legs and go for a good hike!

                                Which we did! 
Such beauty around us - and so many hiking trails to choose from!
 We love the red rock & red earth...just beautiful!  We had been told there was a cute place to go see called Tlaquepaque Village - so we did just that!  There was shops and galleries to see there and a "good place to eat" we were told!

 Oak Creek Pub & Grill - Really good!

A nice family environment!  With good eatin'!

 The next morning, after a good nights sleep in the Lodge, Nick & I got up nice & early ( for us that is- ha!) and went to Coffee Pot Restaurant  - highly recommended by my sis Maralin!  OK - will do...and it happened to be just down the street from our motel, so we walked there!
They are known for their 100 different kinds of omelette's and everything is made from scratch!

Coffee Pot Restaurant - built in the 50' and it was all original inside!  So fun to sit and look around & enjoy a good hardy breakfast!  It was a busy place - evidently very popular to the locals and yes us new-by's!

 The wall behind the counter had pictures of celebrity's that have dined here in the past.
Oh yes, Jane Russell - the movie star had been a previous owner!
A good breakfast and off we went to do more sightseeing!  We decided to go for another hike!

 We hiked to the summit of Sugar Loaf trail - and saw a gorgeous view off all of Sedona!


Up there behind me, is where we hiked up to.

Beautiful shot Nico!  Love the yellow flowers to the side!
A common Arizona style home ~  Fits nicely with the rock surroundings - don't you think?
No grass lawns here...too costly to keep green!  All the houses have gravel rock yards.  It gets to be 115 degrees here in the Summer time   May through August/September!
 The Chapel of the Holy Cross church- built between the rocks!  Such a beautiful view!

               Thunder Mountain ~
We met a really nice couple, Ron & Janice from Los Gatos CA- who were also enjoying Sedona.  We chatted for a while and they had also done some traveling to Asia and other interesting areas!  So' fun to relate and have a really nice chat there on the pretty terrace!

When we leave here in Apache Junction at the end of this month- we will go back again to Sedona for 2 more days before heading north to the Grand Canyon.  It will be worth it - there is still so' much to see!

Fortunately, we found a really cute RV park to stay at - 
So we will reserve a spot for May!

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