Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Special Morning ~

 Here's Melissa...our new friend!
We met Melissa & her husband Russ through our dear friend Linda in Indonesia!  Melissa and her parents served in Indonesia when she was young...and in the very town we lived in for 9 months!  

Sweet as can be!

 After the ladies prayer meeting this morning the plan was to meet for lunch at Theresa's home and enjoy a nice lunch before others departed back to their homes in other States for the summer!

How sweet to organize this! 

 Busy Busy getting everything ready...we had all worked up an appetite!
 Delicious salads were enjoyed!

 Suzanne and her husband Rick have been coming to Arizona for a few years from Wisconsin!

 Suzanne my new friend, and Anita had joined us this morning!Anita and her husband are missionaries from South Africa and have served in Asia as well!

They were visiting for a few days with Nancy and family and would be going to England soon!  It was a pleasure to meet her!  Anita has a Dutch background because of course the Dutch did colonize South Africa as well!

Those Dutchies!  They have the antsy's in the pantsie! ha!
 There is Yolie with a big smile and Lori next to her!  And Ashley came to join us for the first time today - we did do our best to welcome her warmly! 
 There's Carmen and Jan ~ with big smiles!

 Theresa our hostess did a tremendous job!

A BIG Thank you Theresa for your gracious hospitality in your lovely home!

We all had a lovely time! 

A Prayer of Thanksgiving to our Lord for a wonderful Winter season of sweet friendships and knitting hearts!

 Say "Cheese!"

Sitting outside in 90 degree weather was lovely!  We enjoyed a sweet time together with all the ladies and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch!

I have made new friends here in Apache Junction and Mesa Arizona!  How special it has been! 

God blesses us where ever we are! 

We plan to come back in December!  See you all then! 
 We enjoyed dinner date with Suzanne & Rick in their new apartment!  They have decided to live here in the winter time for 7 months and visit the family in Colorado and Wisconsin the other 5 months!  Suzanne plays the guitar (Ellen is learning!!! It's been since my teenager days) and Suzanne has a beautiful voice and makes songs to the scriptures!  What a gift!  


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