Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hikes Around ~

 We needed some gas and saw this trailer with 4 horses - so cute with their heads sticking out!  They people were going to be doing some trail riding because the horses were all saddled up already! 

Off they go! 

Did you notice the gas prices here?  Pretty good huh for a gallon of gas?  $2.29!

 The "lichen" on the rocks are a bright yellow!

And this little cactus is VERY mean!  This pretty little purple pointy things  are hard and sharp as can be!  OUCH!

Don't even get close...and don't touch it!

(talking from experience!)

 Very first snake we came across on our hikes 
....this one was a baby snake!  But he was not happy with me taking this picture...he was ready to pounce on me see his neck? 

"OK OK - I will let you be!" 

This morning I was greeted by Mr Carrot himself!

Quite a friendly Welcome with my morning carrot juice!

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