Sunday, March 1, 2015

We Attended a RV Rally

There is a annual RV Rally in the area- where RV (recreational vehicles) people come together to enjoy everything that has anything to do with these motor homes, 5th wheels or trailers!  So Nick & I decided to have a look too!  The Rally was held at a Car Race Track!  Yes!  Would you believe it?
Wow...let me tell you!  All the RV Dealers were there showing off their newest models! A person can go into everyone of them to preview it! Luxuries models!  Almost like hotel rooms inside!

If a person wanted to "test drive" one - they could do so....Yes! On the racetrack!  How funny is that!  Way cool though!  So here we are in the middle of the race track watching the motor homes being test driven around the track!  The middle of the track is where the tents are and all the new motor homes/trailers & 5th wheels)

Phoenix International Raceway - NASCAR

There was this king size tent that show-cased everything to do with motor homes!  From taking a trip in Europe with a motor buying memberships into particular private parks across the nation!  All the latest gadgets, accessories, newest furniture pieces to upgrade with, and even "more comfortable beds!"

 There are many people who live "full time" in a motor home!  They have sold their homes and are doing this life style year long...traveling across the nation.

We enjoyed just looking around to see all the options available!

It is truly a complete other world!  We have not yet experienced this before, of course!

Some people actually follow the RV Rally organization across the nation to help assist set up and help with running these!  They are volunteers that do this just for fun! 

The race track was so LARGE...! 
There was rows and rows and rows of motor homes lined up!  They were not the "new ones" for - these were from the people that have come to this Rally - just to be entertained!

They offer seminars, and have live music...this Rally goes on for 5 days!

Live Music!
People-mover train carts that would shuttle us back & forth  from the parking lot to the entrance of this racetrack.  

People were standing in line!

Well organized!  Very convenient!

There was a big eating area (of course!) and look at this...this is a collapsible drinking bar!  The roof splits in half and drops down and it gets hauled off to the next Rally.....Amazing!
Never seen anything like it before!

This trailer had a extended sitting area - cute!

 It was fun and crazy busy!  But surely an experience to take!  This also takes place in Redmond/ Bend Oregon every year!

We did see someone we knew!!!!  Yes John & Ann Lund from our church Bend Naz back home!  They were traveling themselves and it was so funny I heard
 "Hey Ellen!"  What Fun!

We are enjoying our time down here in Arizona.  Quite relaxed for now!

I was asked to do a power point presentation for the Ladies Group at the church we are attending here in Mesa.  So I am busy making one and choosing the right pictures to show & share of our wonderful trip and experiences.  I will focus more on our Indonesia time spent there in wonderful Salatiga Java!
This will take place on March 14th!  Sharing a bit of our heritage trip & the wonderful people we had the blessing to meet and interact with those 9 months there!

We have had beautiful weather here...averaging out at 70-80 degrees!  A few days of rain here and there...but most of the time...T-shirt weather!  Nice!  So no complaints!  Nick & I are adjusting in our 240 square feet home on wheels and we are very thankful to the Lord for it!

Taking day trips here and there.  But the motor home is parked here for the time a cute established park.  We make a weekly run to the laundry mat and we get our fresh veggies at a market close by!  Thankfully there is a Trader Joe's and also there is a Fred Meyer's here in town that is actually called "Fry's" here in Arizona!
The plan is to stay here till the end of April and then head north again.  To be back in Bend Oregon in May...when there is milder weather- ha!

Hugs from us!  

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