Sunday, March 15, 2015

Taking a Hike & drive to Saguaro Lake and Roosevelt Lake

It has been exceptional nice weather here so' let's pack a lunch and find a good trail to hike?
We found the Butcher Jones Trail at the Saguaro Lake turn off. 
This hike would be around 5 miles along the lake - sounds nice!
 The Salt river is dammed.  Making Roosevelt Lake, Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake.

 Hiking Butcher Jones Trail
 Saguaro Lake ~

 Lunch Time...Tuna fish sandwich!
The trail was narrow and climbed from one cove over to the other part of the lake and cove.  We passed a few people along the way, stepping aside so they could pass on this trail.

Just a few people were fishing.

We stopped at the Marina for a snack before heading back to Apache Junction!
Roosevelt Lake ~

 A Sunday drive out to Roosevelt Lake by way Superior, Miami, Claypool and Globe.

Many of these towns are mining towns.  Old towns with old buildings from the early 50' & 60's.  It must of brought a lot of business.


 The rock formation on the way to the lake was high and rugged. 

We stopped several times as we drove through the canyon towards Roosevelt Lake.

Lots of people were out today - enjoying the gorgeous weather we were having.  

 Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake has many camping places for the boaters & fisherman. 

It was a very large lake too.  We drove along it and stopped a few times. 

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