Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Something to Share from way back...........

 Some of you might recall that when I was 18 years old - I graduated from Oakland High School, got a summer job and went back to Holland.  I stayed with my grandparents, Oma & Opa in The Hague and also met my first husband - the father of my two boys!  I lived in Holland from 1969-1982 and enjoyed it!

When I first arrived there...I ran out of money and being in a relationship - I needed a job!  My then boyfriend, Hans', brother used to work at this bakery, Masion Kelder - and "maybe they would be interested to hire a Dutch-American speaking person?"  I came to meet the owner Mr Jonker the boss and Yes he hired me on the spot!

So I started the job on my 19th Birthday as a sales girl in the bakery store selling!

Anyway - I met my Dutch girlfriend, Tineke
who also worked at the bakery.  She was almost 14 yrs & I was 19!  We became very good friends and that friendship is still strong - now almost 46 years later!

 I was originally hired for the store - to help the English speaking clients that came to the store who worked in the nearby offices of Shell & Aramco and also the Embassies - the government of Holland is situated in The Hague (including the Peace Palace) Masion Kelder the bakery was well known for its delicious treats!  I so enjoyed helping the Americans who came in & loved to let out that "American drawl" ha!  Before you knew it - all the bakers in the bakery were teasing me and copying my American slang!  Fun!

But once I got to know Tineke better - I continued to hang out more in the back of the store, packaging everything and preparing orders.  

Together we shared wonderful memories working side by side for many years at Maison Kelder!

Tineke told me last Aug/Sept  when we were visiting in Holland that there would be a book coming out about the history of the bakeryshop!  It's 81th anniversary!  Oh Tineke how fun is that!  Please send it to me!                                    
  ........And today, I received it in the mail!!!  What a treat!

   The "book" and a sweet card, and a picture of her pal "Ben" her Lab,  and a book mark!
Ben is a "big" baby and spoiled too by his mother - ha!

                    A Lovable & a wonderful pet!

Here is a page out of the book.....

Do you see where I am?  Ha!  19!  ...and Tineke is right behind me, and to the left of me her brother, sweet "Hansje" who was also working there!  Tineke's father was a police officer in The Hague, but came in the morning early before going to work to delivery pastries!

All these people were so dear to me and I so enjoyed my years working there! A very special time!   I worked there Mon-Friday 8-6 pm.

So here is the book "Masion Kelder The house of the Hazelnut" - which was the specialty cake - even our Dutch King & Queen & family who live in Wassenaar enjoys the delicious treats! 

The bakery & 3 stores are doing well - and business continues to prosper for Maison Kelder!  While we were visiting in Holland we also saw many other shops that are selling items from this bakery!

Just recently, the owner & son,  Lucas Jonker (who I knew and was 4 years younger then me) who took over the business from his father - sold the inventory and business. 

There are still some old timers there who I had the pleasure of seeing again last September!  Not that many left though.  many have retired already.  But my girlfriend Tineke is still there..... already 47 years!  Can you believe that?

A little insert....a sweet story I want to share with you....

Letty another sales girl was hired, shortly after I was  - she's the mother of Milou, my daughter in law!  Yes, Letty married Hilco the baker and they had Milou!  Talk about a small world!  And here my son Jas goes to live in Holland with his father and meets Milou!

It was pretty neat, Letty & Hilco had their baby  - Milou,
and so Tineke & I went with our babies to Letty's house to  congratulate her when she came home from the hosptial .....would I ever have thought "that day" that our babies/children Jas & Milou would come to know each other!!!! about a small world!

And just look at the beautiful grand daughter, Skyler they gave me!

This "mama" just had to share that with you!
   The Best !

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