Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Day to an Art Fair In Fountain Hills

Saturday morning and we read in the paper of a Art & Craft Fair with more the 500 artists sharing their goods!  It was a gorgeous day and lots to see!

 The surroundings were very pretty with a lake & park with shops and homes surrounding the area.  It was nice to see the homes on the hills being in a little higher elevation here. 

Thomas Jefferson was reading something!

While Nick had a chat with Abraham Lincoln!
But when we saw Ronald Reagan - well we got real personal with him! 

Even the dog was dressed up for the day....and he certainly needed some head-cover from the Sun!
 Fountain Hills Arizona

We splurged on pizza & salad!  

I know some friends that will like these....
 There was lots of people - such fun to nose around!
 Look carefully!  This horse is perfectly shaped - and look what was used!!!!!!
 Do you see the old washer?  A bed pan?  Car Bumper?  Toaster? Kettle?
 Really well done huh?!!!!

It was so fun to see all it was made of!  Amazing artist!  

           Coffee Time! 

Ah.....Downton it Sunday evening already???  We both enjoy watching it!

   Gotta have my flowers.....and table lamp..ha! And a little candle light too right?  
                      Of Course!

Visiting Mark & Holly in Sun City!  That was fun...and they had fixed lunch for us - so we took it to the park near by!  
Mark & Holly are our friends from Bend Oregon who have done the Pacific Crest Trail hike
from the border of California/Mexico all the way up to Washington/Canada border!

Thank you so much!  We enjoyed seeing our friends and getting a tour of Sun City! 
Seeing all the recreation facilities was amazing!  Sun City certainly offers a lot for all the snowbirds.

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