Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Drive to Canyon Lake and a Mining Town

It's been almost 3 weeks now here in Arizona!  We have been comfortable in our mobilhome park!  The weather is warming up after this cold front we had.  But yesterday and today has been lovely so Nick rolled out the awning for the first time -  Nick is doing a little maintenance outside and that too is makes it so pleasant to be out now!  We are even shedding the jackets!

Today was exceptional...75...nice!  So we took a drive into the countryside. This time we went further then the Lost Dutchman State campground we had stayed at when we first arrived in town!
We would head up to Canyon Lake...about 15 miles further.  It was a nice ride and we enjoyed seeing the ruggedness of the surroundings!

   Canyon Lake

 A one-lane bridge.
 We were surprised how many boats were docked.

Someone had told us that just past the lake was  nice place to stop and have a bite to eat...."Tortilla Flats"  a Trading Post on the Apache we did and there were many others too that were enjoying the afternoon with a ride!

There was just a few old buildings consisting of a store, a museum and a grill.  A "Live" country band playing and they were good!  A nice surprise on this Wednesday afternoon...way out here in the desert!

Tortilla Flat
Meet my Indian friend!

This is the skeleton of a Saguaro Cactus.

Everyone was enjoying the music & lunch!

Oh my!  Look up there!

We admired the motor bikes parked!

3 - Wheelers and Harley Davidson's!

 Check out these motor bikes...aren't they fun looking?  Sure would be a treat to ride on one!!!

3 Wheeler Motorcycle

 A lot of the bikers were enjoying a ride on this beautiful day!

Can you believe this is January???

  On the way back to town we stopped at the Mining Town.  It was cute with some older buildings.

Goldfield Ghost Town 

People could take a tour of an old mine for a fee,
but Nick & I just strolled around enjoying the old equipment used in those days!A tough life out here - especially in mid summer when the weather goes up to around 110F - HOT!

 This is a called a "crusher"

On the building of this shop was this old trap... with a red button on it and it said
"for lower prices push this button".

.......well DON'T push the red button....ouch!

There was a old church building that is still being used on Sunday's!
 Church service at 11:00 am....we'll  certainly come back and visit this church!

There's the Superstition Mountains in the background- nice!

 Nick noticed this was NOT an old water / windmill but a cell tower! ha!  Good camouflage!

A fun day discovering the area! 

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