Saturday, January 10, 2015

Phoenix Car Swap Meet

Nick wanted to go to the Phoenix Fairgrounds today to check out the car swap meet there.  It is "the place" to come to for anyone who is looking for a special car part for their classic cars!  It seems to be a tradition that been around for  long time!  What was cute was that people would pull a red wagon along and that is how they were find their parts and carry them!  We walked in and out of the isles and enjoyed looking at some of the old model cars! 

Phoenix Car Swap Meet

 This was one of the first cars Nick had here in the US when he was 16!

How funny the red wagen with a set on it!

Nick said he can take this one? 

 Nick said he had one of these years ago and sold it for $500,-'s worth a little bit more now Nick!
School Bus for sale? Maralin?

The swap opened at 7 am....and the Parking Lot was full- it was a good turn out today.  Of course they played the old 50' & 60' songs too on the loudspeakers! 


  1. Amazing classic cars! Looks like the blue one have some small dents/door dings, when zooming in the pic. I suggest PDR (paintless dent repair) to get the car in 100% PERFECT condition. Check out this website, think they can help.......

  2. Antique cars can be hard to maintain at times. Car swap meets are not only a good opportunity to buy and sell hard-to-find automotive parts, it’s also a good place to come across fellow car aficionados. The vehicles on display looks amazing, by the way. I’m sure you had a great time. Good day, and thanks for sharing!

    Edward Taylor @ Nigel Auto