Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Years Day Hike with the Family up to the Superstition Mountain

 Those Saguaro cactus are so' LARGE!
 Nicholaas climbed up to the Ridge...pretty neat with the Sun right above him!


Nick with grand kids! 

Nicholaas & Jasmine

We built a "Diemel" landmark...that was fun!  Gotta pose with our accomplishments!

Still some snow on the mountain!

It was a good 2 hour hike..good to stretch the legs and get some exercise...we all needed it!

Later in the evening we met the family for dinner and send our "good-byes" to McKenna!  She will be heading home to Cabo San Lucas to finish her school year and then she will graduate in June!

See you in the Summer McKenna!

Last evening we were invited to a Gospel Jam Session at one of the RV parks close by!  So we had a wonderful evening enjoying some great singers!
"Lauren" our new friend (on the right working on the sound control board) was the new friend that invited us!  He said his father had started these Jam session back in the 70's and it is still going strong! We really enjoyed it and there was such a good crowd many people enjoying all these old favorites!  Many songs we know from watching "The Gaithers"

Today we had 74F/23C degrees weather...oh my that was nice!  We sure enjoyed that!

We had a relaxing day today...just hanging out and running some errands!  Both Nick & I are glad to settle in one place for a while!  We have committed to staying here until March.  We realize we have been on the move for quite a long time!  So to stay put at this park will be great for a while.
With the internet now it makes it feel a bit more like "home" just having the availability to email & skype and blog.  Nick has a printer too...if we need it! 

He plans to do some painting - a good sign - !

 I found a shop to get a much needed hair-cut!  So glad!  She did a good job and we connected right away! 

We went out to see the Sun set again and the colors were so' beautiful...each evening can be so very different!

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