Saturday, June 6, 2015

Up To Pinecrest - Theater under the Star!

So good to be together again! 

Dinner at the Diemel' on "Wheels!" 


Movie Under the Stars!

See what's playing tonight!

Patty has been working with Dave & Meg for many years!  She's great!

Dave let's the kids pull down the screen...oh how they love that! 
Ellen loves to help too...scoping popcorn!

We've been friends for 27 years and counting! 
Mia's - A great place to eat! Lunch and a game at Mia's - a great place to ear! Yum! 
This is "Holly" Meg & Dave's toy poddle!

Holly is almost human....!

We enjoyed starting the day with coffee & doing our devotions, lots of chit chat...just relaxing, taking walks...and playing Quiddler
Quiddler  - what a fun word game...!!!

We enjoy doing games and even did a couple of  Scrabble games too!  Ellen even had a guitar lesson from Dave! 

Pinecrest Lake is up in the pines...!  So pretty!

 Pinecrest Lake California

Look at the kids paddling in the "cube!"

We were parked right next to Dave & Meg's trailer...perfect! 
 Nick & I stopped by Strawberry Inn - where we went to on our honeymoon almost 19 years ago!

Always fun to go see again...such a cute place in the Pines!

Strawberry Inn - Pinecrest Lake area

                      Shall we sneak upstairs Room #1? 

Where are the Flamingo's Nick.....oh oh...did they wander off this morning???????

It was our last night with Dave & Meg...this morning we would be traveling north...and what did we find on the bush...a Note....yes a note saying our pink friends..."Mingo & Flam" where no longer there...but a ransom note instead........and who was the guilty party??????
                          Meggie!!!! Of Course!

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