Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Diamond Lake & Crater Lake ~ Oregon ...and "Home!"

 Leaving Red Bluff and heading to the border of California/Oregon.

We passed along Shasta Lake which is a reservoir -but it was also very low...just like Lake Powell in Arizona and Lake Mead in Utah - we certainly have a serious water condition here in the west coast! 

Very concerning!  So many areas are already rationing...and must!  We hear that we are going into the 7th year of not enough waterfall!
Mt Shasta CA

Mount Shasta California

 We have just entered back into Oregon!


...Welcome "Back" to Oregon!
 Nick is a good driver...being aware of many things - especially those BIG trucks that drive by so' fast and when they do...we feel a little push!  Hold onto that steering wheel!

.....and I am keeping an eye & enjoying the drive!  I might get something for us to eat or drink...and take pictures along the way!  Just love sitting so high and enjoying the sights along the way!

Driving over the border and into Klamath Falls which is a town on the river.

"Oh Oh....a fire"....thankfully the firemen have it under control....forest fires - not good!

We were only 2 hours from Bend now...but because we had been on the road again for several hours we decided to turn off onto Hwy 138 and go see Diamond Lake which is very close to Crater Lake.  We were so' close and it was getting late again...so we decided to go see these lakes.

As we drove into a campground the camp host got into his golf cart and lead us to our parking spot...how cute is that!

Follow the Leader......!
Diamond Lake RV Park Chemult 
 Diamond Lake was a large lake - definitely worth visiting!  It has campgrounds right on the lake...and a Lodge and facilities.  A beach for the kids and many kinds of different boats to rent!

 The best part - we both thought was the campgrounds right up to the water!  That is not always possible! 

The next morning after a good rest - we went for the afternoon to Crater Lake which is just about 40 minutes from the RV park.  My what a beautiful day we had enjoying that amazing crater lake!
 Love the wild flowers growing along the road...and look at that white snow-capped mountain!

 As we climbed up to over 7000 feet elevation - we were close to the snow but the weather was lovely!  There was a heat-wave in Central Oregon, we had heard on the news!

We stopped at a view point and what did we see?????

Crater Lake - The deepest Lake in America!

Oh my the blue water!
 Breathtaking.... Right?

You'll have to click on the link to read about Crater Lake...we always thought the whole top blew off but actually the Park Ranger told us that the lava ran out the side and eventually the whole volcano imploded...(fell into itself...leaving this big hole!) Interesting!

 At the Crater Lake Lodge we sat and had a drink & a snack.  The rocking chairs outside overlooked the lake....such an amazing view!

Look at this dead tree perched on the rock..quite a neat picture!

 When we got back from our wonderful afternoon at Crater Lake - we enjoyed a beautiful sunset at our campsite!

Tomorrow we drive to Bend.....


Today....June 9th 2015......
 Here's the turn off Nick...almost 'home!"

It's been 6.5 months! 
We enjoyed visiting with Cecile, Nick's sis, and seeing my sis Mar...and Polly my girlfriend...all came together today!  Home Sweet Home! Back in Bend Oregon! 

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