Saturday, June 6, 2015

Seth our Grandson!

While enjoying our stay in the Pinecrest area - we went to the Aspen Pack Station to look up Seth our grandson!  Seth works at the pack station...taking people out on rides from a half day to 14 days into the wilderness!  Sometimes he will take 8 mules with the group for all the provisions needed!
Seth will take the people deep into the wilderness to natural lakes up in the high mountains.  He says many people who love "fly fishing" want to go up to these lakes!  Seth has been doing this since he was 13 yrs old.  He is now 22 - and has one more year of university and will granduate next year!  We are proud of him!

Seth introduced us to Caitie...his girl!  A pretty girl!  We so enjoyed dinner with them!

"Hello Sharon! Love that picture!"  Great to see Seth!  
Seth's Mom & Jim her fiance'  
Nick wanted to go out on the trail with we did!  Be at the pack station at 9:30 am and we will ride till 1:00!  OK - deal Seth!

 Aspen Meadow Pack Station 

Read about horseback riding with Seth!

 The horses were saddled and ready to go when we got there! 

 "Molly"  Seth dog too would join us on the ride!
                                                      Saddled up and ready to go! 
Meet "Boggie" and "Dollar" and "Mork" - they are taking us for a ride today!

 We rode the horses up to a 7000 foot elevation ....seeing some beautiful area!

Seth was very informative telling us different things along the trail. 

About the granite, flowers, the Rim fire 2 years ago.  It was interesting and so fun to have this time together! 

         The meadows were just beautiful!

 Lots of granite everywhere! Solid rock~
 We took a break after 2.5 hrs - and saw some beautiful country all around us!  Nothing but mountains and views to appreciate! 

Look at the cowboy and one Indo!

 These are called "mule ear" ...lots of pretty wild flowers to see along the trail!
            Yikes...are we really going to ride the horses up these rocks Seth???????

Isn't it slippery for them?

 Molly went ahead...she was glad to see the pack station again....and our "behinds" were too!

Thanks Seth for a great ride!  We so enjoyed it!

 Seth & Caitie are traveling to Bali Indonesia this December!  Wow - is that ever neat!  Caitie's sister and brother in law recently moved there .....and so the invite is on!  Wow- how cool is that....Seth is going to see his grandfather/and great grandfather's heritage!  Way to go Seth & Caitie! 

                 Keep us posted Seth & Caitie .......and Happy Summer! 

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