Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Graduation Party in Westwood with the Meinhardt Family!

 We left Pinecrest and our friends Dave & Meg and headed up Hwy 5 to Red Bluff about a 5 hour drive.  We looked online and found this nice RV park right off the road up to Westwood and Lake Almanor.

We would be visiting family the next day!

A Graduation Celebration for Julia!

 Nick unhooked the car - it was right close to the Landry room -nice....I had a lot of laundry to do!

 Laundry, Pool and showers and bathrooms!
 A very nice place to stay!

Red Bluff RV Park - Your gateway to Mt Lasen Nat Park!
 Park and ready to relax! 
Read this sign....funny!
Driving from Pinecrest to Red Bluff - we received a Facebook invitation from Gwen & Kevin to come join them and the family!  "Yes we are heading that direction - so yes we will come!"

  The weather here in Red Bluff is 95 degrees...quite a change from the mountains!

The next morning we headed up the road to Westwood (CA) to visit family.  It would take 1.5 hours...going up towards Mt Lassen National Park and then along Lake Almanor into Chester and then Westwood.  It was a beautiful drive!  A gorgeous area to visit!  Many many years ago my parents & 4 kids to this area and we stayed for a few days at this Lake... I remember the wonderful days in our little red cabin on the lake and seeing Mt Lassen with snow....wow that was so fun for us kids!  I remember how HOT it was up here even though it has a 5000 + elevation!  No air conditioning in those days...we were all puffing coming up from Oakland for a 4 day trip.  Good memories!   
Lassen Volcanic National Park                                Lake Almanor - a Beautiful Place!
Nick & I would be visiting here for the day and then return back to the motor home by evening - which we did.

The grad was Julia their youngest daughter!  It was a fun afternoon and just wonderful to see everyone again!  Kevin's parents & sister were there too from Montana!

 Gwen was busy making a really nice chicken/pineapple (Indo) flavor dish!
Loved the words on this picture!

 Here's Julia and Gwen!  

Congratulations Julianna!!

She will be heading to Santa Barbara in August...oh boy - Mom & Dad will be 

 These homes have been lumbermen homes when there was a lot of forest cutting in this area.  Built in the early 1900's.  Kevin & Gwen purchased one of these homes and made it what it is today....very cute!  It is comfy and cozy and they raised their 3 girls in this small community! 

Westwood, California
 After a lovely time visiting and catching up with one another - we headed back to Red Bluff and the drive down again!

Saw some pretty sights on the way!

 Gwen had told us she is leading worship in the church she attends!  It is held in a old theater in the town of Chester.  She was asked by her pastor if she would also help to get the theater going again...to open it and also so it can be used for community events!  A great idea...much success Gwen...we know you can!!!!!
 We came across these really darling little houses...and turned off to look at them.  They are actually vacation rentals...but Boy...I could live in this little house!  Darling!!!!!

Tomorrow we head into Oregon! 

 Oh by the way...this is Anneke - Kevin & Gwen's first daughter.  She has learned to speak Japan! Amazing!

Anneke has recently started to draw by pencil...yes she started in 2013....now look what she's done!!!!!!!
 This is her sister Julia...can you believe this?????
 This is her boyfriend - Joe....can you believe this???????  Yes all by pencil!  I am struck by her excellent art work!

This looks like a picture right?

No - truly pencil!

 Fantastic work....My some people are so talented!  Anneke hopes to get into a art school close to Monterey!

I can imagine anyone wanting to hire her!!!

Go Girl!  Keep it up! ..... And much success!

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