Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weather was Great - Took a good Hike Today!

Sunday afternoon - 2 days of rain and today Super Bowl Sunday a beautiful day here in Arizona!

We'll head up to the Superstition Mountain again - it's been a few weeks since we have enjoyed the hike!
There to those 2 upright rock formations is where we're going!

Don't fall on these....ouch!

The Diemel "Landmark" was still there!

There below is Apache Junction Mesa area!
In the distance will be the Big Game at 4:30 today!  Go Patriots! Go Sea Hawks!

Look at all the colors! 

We did sit down a bit!

Great picture Nick! 

Love to hike and climb!

A real cute Hacienda house! Beautiful!
Heading to the Old Mining Town - Look Nick we just hiked up there!

Many homes along this road with a view! 

Another old Mining Town -

 Where is everybody Nick?  I think they are getting ready to go watch the Game soon!

A good day...feel so good after our hike!

Time to go back to "the Whale" 
 Great hike and now ...time for dinner.....we worked up an appetite!



  1. Hey guys - just wafting by to say I love you and keep it up - I love the pics and the updates.


  2. This are fantastic pictures, keep them coming....!