Monday, August 31, 2015

Updates and Surprises!!!


A few weeks ago we received a notice that our storage unit (which we have rented for the last 2 years) would be increasing their rent.

This got us thinking...should we be looking for a place to live - and empty out the storage unit?
Should we consider buying again...and settling down again?

We started looking around in Bend...but the prices have gone up since leaving here 2 years ago!  Our own house had recently sold again (yes our buyer got married and moved away) and so our house had increased in value $50,000 in just 2 years.

We looked for smaller homes and to be quite frank...they were not always in the best of shape and/or needed a whole lot of work!

Nick started to look elsewhere...down in Grants Pass & Medford area which is southern Oregon.  Prices were a bit less but nothing drew us!

Then we decided to look along the coast of Oregon...and again focusing on the southern coast line because of the milder weather, the closer California we were hoping would be warmer weather and less rain???

We took a few days to drive along the coastline by starting in the town of Florence and we then we came to Port Orford...there was a small house there for sale, which Nick had seen on Craigslist.  We drove into a street and realized we were on a peninsula and it was surrounded by a lake and the lake was connected by a sand dune to the ocean!

As we drove on this peninsula ....we came across a little bungalow,
with a for sale sign on it...hmmmm that looks we called & the agent came and opened it up for us!  The house was vacant so we had a good look around...and Nick and I realized right away that this home certainly had potential and would work out really nicely for us!

On the backside of the house...jusr a few steps and there it was right on Garrison Lake!

A kayak and yes off we go...and the lake is right by the you can paddle to the sand dunes and go right to the beach....oh man!

 The back of the house (living room area with 3 windows) faces the lake!  Nick wants to build a nice roomy deck and take the middle window out and make that a french door to open to the deck!
A deck right off the 3 windows?

 Well I guess you got it figured out huh?
Yes we wrote an offer that very afternoon and the next day the offer was countered and accepted...SOLD!

We are really pleased and see a lot of potential in this cutie!  It needs some "cosmetic" updates...paint the house, some yard work (love that!)...and basically 'doll it up' as the saying goes...and you know my Nick....that is totally his department and expertise!
A nice long drive way - we like!
Walking along the house in the front yard!

The backyard is leveled above...and then drops down to the lake!

Looking through the window towards the dining area.

 Kitchen is not big...but it will do!  We plan to make the cabinets white and change the counter tops! 

This is the living room overlooking the lake!  Lots of windows!
We plan to take out the center window and put in a french door to a wood patio!  That way you can really enjoy the view!
 Here's the length of the living room....a brick fireplace with a wood burning insert.

Love all the windows...makes the room really bright and cheery!

 Well family & friends...we will keep you posted!   Escrow closes on the 15th of September -just 2 weeks!  So we will be busy getting things in order on this end!  We will rent a U-haul and then empty the storage unit.  We are advertising for sale the motor home & tow would be nice if we sell it before going with the moving truck to the coast on the 15th!

We hope you will come to visit us there!  

850 Lakeshore Drive
Port Orford OR 97465

From Bend to Port Orford...
5 1/2 hours.  


  1. This sounds just lovely! Congratulations on your new abode! - Marcella

  2. Dat ziet er goed uit!... Wel een hele verandering. Zal best wemmen zijn om het zwerversbestaan op te geven. Succes!