Monday, August 31, 2015

Settling back into Bend Oregon August 2015

Nick & I have enjoyed our return to Bend, Oregon now these past 7 weeks!  Getting re-acquainted with things in the town we lived in for 12 years!  The weather has been great, averaging to about 75 degrees!  No complaints!

We have enjoyed seeing our sisters again, Cecile- Nick's sis and Maralin my sis, and my brother Ron & Viola....and friends!

Living in the motor home and being back it Bend is a change and different,  of course for us!  We are adjusting to it!  It is kind of strange to be back...and  'not' in our house ...ha!

But the motor home is comfortable & cozy and Nick are still "good friends"
Our thoughts are...hmmm...what to do next:

-  whether to re-invest in a house?
- rent something?
- return to Arizona in November?

We are just not sure what to do right we will wait and see!  When you're not sure?.....Better to wait!

In the meantime it is wonderful to be back to this beautiful place....lots of mountains that surround us, beautiful scenery's - and always many Summer activities to enjoy in Central Oregon!

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