Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Float down the Deschutes River with the Dutch Club

 Sunday we enjoyed a day on the river with the Dutchies!

 We would meet at a particular spot and and then leave some cars at the bottom of the float and then pile into the other cars with the kayak's and go up river!

We went along the Deschutes River to the Wickiup Dam and float down 2.5 hours to the Wyeth Campground!

 There was single & double kayak's, and the kids also brought their own kayak's...

 .....Rick & Marjon have a blow-up kayak~

......and Krista brought her paddle board!
 Rutger was getting the kids ready to go...some would be tied behind their parents.

 Life jackets on?  Check?  All the kids settled in? Check!  Lunches on board? Check! 

One by one we launched and we were on our way ....ready for a cool float down the river!


Ryan was enjoying a easy float ~the kids were so fast on the water!
 Jim is keeping a good eye on everything....kiddies and adults! 

Thanks Jim!

 Happy Smiles on Krista!

 Marieke & Nick with little Tijs had their new canoe "with umbrella"
 Hi Nick! 

Little Tijs is so good! 

He's a natural!

We would all hold onto one another's boats and just chat and float every which fun! 
 Klaas was enjoying all the birds up & around!

Osprey, Eagles, Vultures....

Row...Row...Row that boat.....gently down the stream!!!!!!

 Maria enjoyed the river...this was Maria & Jim's  favorite part of the river....because it was just so pretty along the way!

They enjoy kayaking too - as much as we do! 

All you have to do is just put your feet in the cool water' refreshing and it cools you down right away!

 We made it...end of the line...everyone helps to get one another out of the boat! 


 Hungry?  Yes...very much so!  At the end of the trip we pulled out our lunches and had lots of good snacks:  watermelon, grapes, blueberries, speculaas koekjes, chips, and a subway sandwich!  Yum....we had all built up an appetite!

 Rutger takes a dip in the snow water....yes cold but refreshing after a hot day! 
Thank You Jim & Maria for organizing this day was great fun!  

                    And for the Dutchies & families for joining in too!  The Club continues to grow! 

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